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  • X.500ISO/IEC 9594-1?The Directory: Overview of concepts, models and services
    X.501?ISO/IEC 9594-2?The Directory: Models
    X.509ISO/IEC 9594-8?The Directory: Authentication framework
    X.512?ISO/IEC 9594-3?The Directory: Abstract service definition
    X.518?ISO/IEC 9594-4?The Directory: Procedures for distributed operation
    X.519?ISO/IEC 9594-5?The Directory: Protocol specifications
    X.520?ISO/IEC 9594-6?The Directory: Selected attribute types
    X.521?ISO/IEC 9594-7?The Directory: Selected object classes
    X.525?ISO/IEC 9594-9?The Directory: Replication
    X.530?ISO/IEC 9594-10?The Directory: Use of systems management for administration of the Directory