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kali-linuxKali Linux base system
kali-linux-sdrKali Linux SDR tools
0trace?A traceroute tool that can run within an existing TCP connection.
acccheck?Password dictionary attack tool for SMB
ace-voip?A simple VoIP corporate directory enumeration tool
afflib-tools?support for Advanced Forensics format (utilities)
aircrack-ng (Aircrack-ng)An 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK key cracking program
amap?next-generation scanning tool for pentesters
apache-users?Enumerate usernames on systems with Apache UserDir? module
apktoolA tool for reverse engineering Android apk files
arduino? (Arduino)AVR development board IDE and built-in libraries
arping?sends IP and/or ARP pings (to the MAC address)
arpwatchEthernet/FDDI station activity monitor
arp-scan?arp scanning and fingerprinting tool
asleap?A tool for exploiting Cisco LEAP networks
automater?A IP and URL analysis tool.
autopsy?graphical interface to SleuthKit?
bbqsql?SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
bed?A network protocol fuzzer
beef-xss?Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF)
binwalkA firmware analysis tool
blindelephant?A generic web application fingerprinter
bluelog?Bluetooth scanner and logger
bluemaho?GUI interface for testing Bluetooth devices
bluepot?Bluetooth honeypot
blueranger?Simple Bash script to locate Bluetooth devices
bluesnarfer?A Bluesnarfing Utility
bluez (BlueZ)Bluetooth tools and daemons
bluez-hcidump?Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
braa?Mass SNMP scanner
btscannerncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices
bully?Bully is a new implementation of the WPS brute force attack, written in C.
bulk-extractor?Extracts information without parsing filesystem
burpsuite?platform for security testing of web applications
cabextractMicrosoft Cabinet file unpacker
cadaver?command-line WebDAV client
casefile?Offline intelligence tool
cdpsnarf?Network sniffer to extract CDP information
cewl?Custom wordlist generator
cgptGPT manipulation tool with support for Chromium OS extensions
chirp?Configuration tool for amateur radios
chkrootkitrootkit detector
chntpwNT SAM password recovery utility
cisco-auditing-tool?Scans Cisco routers for vulnerabilities
cisco-global-exploiter?Simple and fast Cisco exploitation tool
cisco-ocs?Mass Cisco scanner
cisco-torch?Cisco device scanner
clang?Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM), C language family frontend
cmospwd?decrypt BIOS passwords from CMOS
copy-router-config?Copies Cisco configs via SNMP
cowpatty?Brute-force WPA dictionary attack
creddump?Extracts credentials from Windows registry hives
creepygeolocation information aggregator
cryptsetup?disk encryption support - startup scripts
crunch?Password wordlist generator
cryptcat?A lightweight version netcat extended with twofish encryption
curlftpfs?filesystem to access FTP hosts based on FUSE and cURL
cutycapt?utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page
cymothoa?Stealth backdooring tool
darkstatnetwork traffic analyzer
davtest?Testing tool for WebDAV servers
dbd?Netcat clone with encryption
dbpwaudit?Does online password audits of DB engines
dc3dd?patched version of GNU dd with forensic features
dcfldd?enhanced version of dd for forensics and security
ddrescueCopies data from one file or block device to another.
deblaze?Performs testing against flash remoting endpoints
dex2jarTools to work with android .dex and java .class files
dff?Powerful, efficient and modular digital forensic framework
dhcpig?DHCP exhaustion script
dirb?URL bruteforcing tool
dirbuster?Web server directory brute-forcer
dissy?graphical frontend for objdump
dmitry?Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool
dnmap?Distributed nmap framework
dns2tcp?TCP over DNS tunnel client and server
dnschef?DNS proxy for penetration testers
dnsenum?Tool to enumerate domain DNS information
dnsmapDNS domain name brute forcing tool
dnsrecon?A powerful DNS enumeration script
dnstracer?trace DNS queries to the source
dnswalk?Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups
dos2unixconvert text file line endings between CRLF and LF
dotdotpwn?DotDotPwn? - The Directory Traversal Fuzzer.
dradis?Collaboration tools for penetration testing
driftnet?picks out and displays images from network traffic
dsniffVarious tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities
dumpzilla?Mozilla browser forensic tool
eapmd5pass?Tool for extracting and cracking EAP-MD5
edb-debugger?Linux equivalent of OllyDbg
enum4linux?Enumerates info from Windows and Samba systems
enumiax?IAX protocol username enumerator
ethtooldisplay or change Ethernet device settings
ettercap-graphical?Ettercap GUI-enabled executable
ewf-tools?collection of tools for reading and writing EWF files
exiv2?EXIF/IPTC metadata manipulation tool
exploitdb?Searchable Exploit Database archive
extundeleteutility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition
fcrackzippassword cracker for zip archives
fern-wifi-cracker?Automated wifi cracker
fierce?Domain DNS scanner
fiked?Cisco VPN attack tool
fimap?LFI and RFI exploitation tool
findmyhash?Crack hashes with online services
flasm?assembler and disassembler for Flash (SWF) bytecode
foremost?forensic program to recover lost files
fpingsends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
fragroute?Test a NIDS by attempting to evade using fragmented packets
fragrouter?IDS evasion toolkit
framework2?Metasploit Framework 2
ftester?The Firewall Tester (FTester) is a tool designed for testing firewall filtering policies and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) capabilities.
funkload?web testing tool
galleta?An Internet Explorer cookie forensic analysis tool
gdbThe GNU Debugger
ghost-phisher?GUI suite for phishing and penetration attacks
giskismet?Wireless recon visualization tool
golismero?Web application mapper
goofile?Command line filetype search
gpp-decrypt?Group Policy Preferences decrypter
grabber?Web application vulnerability scanner
guymager?Forensic imaging tool based on Qt
hackrf-tools?Hardware driver and tools for HackRF Jawbreaker
hamster-sidejack?Sidejacking tool
hash-identifier?Tool to identify hash types
hashcatWorld’s fastest CPU-based password recovery tool
hashcat-utils?Set of small utilities for advanced password cracking
hexinject?Versatile packet injector and sniffer
hexorbase?Multiple database management and audit application
hotpatch?Hot patches Linux executables with .so file injection
hping3?Active Network Smashing Tool
hydravery fast network logon cracker
hydra-gtk?very fast network logon cracker - GTK+ based GUI
i2c-toolsheterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux
iaxflood?VoIP flooder tool
ikat?Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool
ike-scan?discover and fingerprint IKE hosts (IPsec VPN Servers)
inetsim?Software suite for simulating common internet services
intersect?Post-exploitation framework
intrace?Traceroute-like application piggybacking on existing TCP connections
inundator?Multi-threaded IDS false positive generator
inviteflood?SIP/SDP INVITE message flooding over UDP/IP
iodine?tool for tunneling IPv4 data through a DNS server
irpas?Internetwork Routing Protocol Attack Suite
isr-evilgrade?Evilgrade framework
jadJava decompiler
javasnoop?Intercept Java applications locally
jboss-autopwn?JBoss script for obtaining remote shell access
johnactive password cracking tool
johnny?GUI for John the Ripper
joomscan?OWASP Joomla Vulnerability Scanner Project
jsql?Java tool for automatic database injection
keepnote?cross-platform note-taking and organization application
keimpx?Check for valid credentials across a network over SMB
killerbee?Framwork for ZigBee exploitation
kismet?wireless sniffer and monitor - core
laudanum?Collection of injectable web files
lbd?Load balancer detector
leafpad?GTK+ based simple text editor
libcrafterLibrary to generate and sniff network packets
libewf1?library with support for Expert Witness Compression Format
libfindrtp?Library required by multiple VoIP tools
libfreefare-bin?MIFARE card manipulations binaries
libhivex-bin?utilities for reading and writing Windows Registry hives
libnfc-bin?Near Field Communication (NFC) binaries
lynis?security auditing tool for Unix based systems
macchanger?utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces
magicrescue?recovers files by looking for magic bytes
magictree?Penetration tester productivity tool
maltego?Open source intelligence and forensics application
maltego-teeth?Set of offensive Maltego transforms
maskprocessor?High-performance word generator
mcMidnight Commander - a powerful file manager
md5deepRecursively compute hashsums or piecewise hashings
mdbtools?JET / MS Access database (MDB) tools
mdk3?Wireless attack tool for IEEE 802.11 networks
medusa?fast, parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services
memdump?utility to dump memory contents to standard output
metagoofil?Tool designed for extracting metadata of public documents
metasploit?Penetration testing and exploit development tool with web-based interface
metasploit-framework?Framework for exploit development and vulnerability research
armitage?Cyber attack management for Metasploit
mfcuk?MFCUK - MiFare? Classic Universal toolKit
mfoc?MIFARE Classic offline cracker
mfterm?Terminal for working with Mifare Classic 1-4k Tags
mimikatz?Uses admin rights on Windows to display passwords in plaintext
minicom?friendly menu driven serial communication program
miranda?UPNP administration tool
miredo?Teredo IPv6 tunneling through NATs
missidentify?a program to find win32 applications
mitmproxySSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy
multiforcer?GPU accelerated password cracking tool
multimac?Create multiple MACs on an adapter
nasm?General-purpose x86 assembler
nbtscan?A program for scanning networks for NetBIOS name information
ncat-w32?Netcat for the 21st century
ncrack?High-speed network authentication cracking tool
ncurses-hexedit?Edit files/disks in hex, ASCII and EBCDIC
netdiscoveractive/passive network address scanner using arp requests
netmask?helps determine network masks
netsed?network packet-altering stream editor
netsniff-ng?packet sniffing beast
netwag?graphical frontend for netwox
nfspy?ID-spoofing NFS client
ngrepgrep for network traffic
nikto?web server security scanner
nipper-ng?Device security configuration review tool
nmapThe Network Mapper
ohrwurm?RTP fuzzer
ollydbg?32-bit assembler level analysing debugger
onesixtyone?fast and simple SNMP scanner
openvas?Openvas dummy package.
ophcrackMicrosoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (gui)
ophcrack-cli?Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (cmdline)
oscanner?Oracle assessment framework
p0fPassive OS fingerprinting tool
pack?Password analysis and cracking kit
padbuster?Script for performing Padding Oracle attacks
paros?Web application proxy
pasco?An Internet Explorer cache forensic analysis tool
passing-the-hash?Patched tools to use password hashes as authentication input
patator?Multi-purpose brute-forcer
pdfid?Scans PDF files for certain PDF keywords
pdf-parser?Parses PDF files to identify fundamental elements
pdgmail?Extracts gmail artifacts from a pd dump
peepdf?PDF analysis tool
perl-cisco-copyconfig?Provides methods for manipulating Cisco devices
pev?text-based tool to analyze PE files
phrasendrescher?Passphrase cracking tool
pipal?Statistical analysis on password dumps
pjproject?A multimedia communication library for SIP
plecost?Wordpress fingerprinting tool
polenum?Extracts the password policy from a Windows system
powerfuzzer?Highly automated and fully customizable web fuzzer
powersploit?PowerShell Post-Exploitation Framework
protos-sip?SIP test suite
proxychains?proxy chains - redirect connections through proxy servers
proxystrike?Active web application proxy
proxytunnel?Create tcp tunnels trough HTTPS proxies, for using with SSH
ptunnel?Tunnel TCP connections over ICMP packets
pwnat?NAT to NAT client-server communication
pyritGPGPU-driven WPA/WPA2-PSK key cracker
python-impacket?Python module to easily build and dissect network protocols
python-impacket-doc?Python module to easily build and dissect network protocols
python-rfidiot?Python library to explore RFID devices
python-scapy?Packet generator/sniffer and network scanner/discovery
rainbowcrack?Rainbow table password cracker
radare2?free and advanced command line hexadecimal editor
rake?ruby make-like utility
ratproxy?passive web application security assessment tool
rcracki-mt?Version of rcrack that supports hybrid and indexed tables
rdd?a forensic copy program
readpst?Converts Outlook PST files to mbox and others
reaver?brute force attack tool against Wifi Protected Setup PIN number
rebind?DNS rebinding tool
recon-ng?Web Reconnaissance framework written in Python
recordmydesktop?Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session
recoverjpeg?tool to recover JPEG images from a filesystem image
redfang?Locates non-discoverable bluetooth devices
redsocks?Redirect any TCP connection to a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy server
reglookup?utility to read and query Windows NT/2000/XP registry
regripper?Windows registry forensics tool
responder?NBT-NS/LLMNR Responder
rifiuti?A MS Windows recycle bin analysis tool
rifiuti2?A MS Windows recycle bin analysis tool
rsmangler?Wordlist mangling tool
rtpbreak?Detects, reconstructs, and analyzes RTP sessions
rtpflood?Tool to flood any RTP device
rtpinsertsound?Inserts audio into a specified stream
rtpmixsound?Mixes pre-recorded audio in real-time
safecopy?Copy utility ignoring errors
sakis3g?Tool for establishing 3G connections
samdump2?Dump Windows 2k/NT/XP password hashes
sbd?Secure backdoor for linux and windows
scalpel?A Frugal, High Performance File Carver
scrounge-ntfs?Data recovery program for NTFS filesystems
sctpscan?SCTP network scanner for discovery and security
sendemail?lightweight, command line SMTP email client
setSocial-Engineer Toolkit
sfuzz?Black Box testing utilities
sidguesser?Guesses sids against an Oracle database
siege?HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility
siparmyknife?SIP fuzzing tool
sipcrack?SIP login dumper/cracker
sipp?Traffic generator for the SIP protocol
sipvicious?Tools for auditing SIP based VoIP systems
skipfishfully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool
sleuthkit?collection of tools for forensics analysis on volume and file system data
smaliAssembler/disassembler for Android's dex format
smtp-user-enum?Username guessing tool primarily for the SMTP service.
sniffjoke?Transparent TCP connection scrambler
snmpcheckSNMP service enumeration tool
socat?multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
spectools?Utilities for using the Wi-Spy USB spectrum analyzer hardware
spidermonkey-bin?standalone JavaScript/ECMAScript (ECMA-262) interpreter
spikeNetwork protocol fuzzer
spooftooph?Automates spoofing or cloning Bluetooth devices
sqldict?Dictionary attack tool for SQL Server
sqlitebrowserGUI editor for SQLite databases
sqlmapautomatic SQL injection tool
sqlninjaSQL server injection and takeover tool
sqlsus?MySQL injection tool
sslcaudit?Tests SSL/TLS clients susceptibility to MITM attacks
ssldump?An SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
sslh?ssl/ssh multiplexer
sslscan?Fast SSL scanner
sslsniff?SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle attack tool
sslstrip?SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle attack tool
sslsplit?Transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
sslyze?Fast and full-featured SSL scanner
statsprocessor?High-performance word-generator
stunnel4?Universal SSL tunnel for network daemons
suckless-tools?simple commands for minimalistic window managers
sucrack?multithreaded su bruteforcer
swaks?SMTP command-line test tool
t50?Multi-protocol packet injector tool
tcpflow?TCP flow recorder
tcpick?TCP stream sniffer and connection tracker
tcpreplay?Tool to replay saved tcpdump files at arbitrary speeds
termineter?Smart meter testing framework
tftpd32?Open source ipv6-ready TFTP server for Windows
thc-ipv6?IPv6 attack suite
thc-pptp-bruter?THC PPTP Brute Force
thc-ssl-dos?Stress tester for the SSL handshake
theharvester?theHarvester is a tool for gathering e-mail accounts and subdomain names from public sources.
tlssled?Evaluates the security of a target SSL/TLS (HTTPS) server
tnscmd10g?Tool to prod the oracle tnslsnr process
truecrack?Bruteforce password cracker for TrueCrypt volumes.
truecrypt?Cross-platform on-the-fly encryption
twofi?Twitter words of interest
u3-pwn?Injects executables onto U3 USB devices
ua-tester?User agent string tester
udptunnel?tunnel UDP packets over a TCP connection
unetbootin?installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive
uniscan?LFI, RFI, and RCE vulnerability scanner
unicornscan?Userland distributed TCP/IP stack
unix-privesc-check?Script to check for simple privilege escalation vectors
urlcrazy?Domain typo generator
vboot-kernel-utils?Chrome OS verified u-boot utilities required to sign kernels
vboot-utils?Chrome OS verified u-boot utilities
vega?Platform to test the security of web applications
vim-gtk?Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GTK2 GUI
vinetto?A forensics tool to examine Thumbs.db files
vlan?user mode programs to enable VLANs on your ethernet devices
voiphopper?Runs a VLAN hop security test
volafox?Memory analyzer for Mac OS X & BSD
volatility?Volatile memory artifact extraction utility framework
vpnc?Cisco-compatible VPN client
w3afframework to find and exploit web application vulnerabilities
waffit?WAF auditing tool
wapiti?Web application vulnerability scanner
wce?Windows Credentials Editor
webacoo?Web backdoor cookie script kit
webscarab?Web application review tool
webshag?Multi-threaded web server audit tool
webshells?Collection of webshells
webslayer?Web application bruteforcer
websploit?Web exploitation framework
weevely?Stealth tiny web shell
winexe?Remote Windows-command executor
wfuzz?Web application bruteforcer
whatweb?Next generation web scanner
wifi-honey?Wi-Fi honeypot
wifitap?WiFi? injection via a tun/tap device
wifite?Automated wireless auditor
windows-binaries?Various pentesting Windows binaries
wiresharknetwork traffic analyzer - GTK+ version
wol-e?Wake on LAN Explorer
wordlists?Contains the rockyou wordlist
wpscan?Black box WordPress vulnerability scanner
wvdial?intelligent Point-to-Point Protocol dialer
xpdf?Portable Document Format (PDF) reader
xprobe?Remote OS identification
xspy?X server sniffer
xsser?XSS testing framework
xtightvncviewer?virtual network computing client software for X
yersinia?Network vulnerabilities check software
zaproxyTesting tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications.
zenmap?The Network Mapper Front End
zim?graphical text editor based on wiki technologies