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a2psAnything to PostScript converter
aalib?An ascii art library - (utilities)
aalib-devel?An ascii art library - (development)
abook?text-based ncurses address book application
aewm++?A minimal window manager for X11, based on aewm
aewm++-goodies?Utilities to complement a minimal window manager
afioArchive file manipulation program
algol68g?Algol 68 Genie compiler.
alternativesA tool for managing package conflicts
amanda?AMANDA Network Backup program
amd?SuiteSparse AMD: symmetric approximate minimum degree - empty source only
amd-debuginfo?Debug info for amd
annoyance-filter?Adaptive Bayesian Junk Mail Filter
antiword?A free MS Word reader
apache?The Apache HTTP (Web) Server
apache2Apache HTTP Server?
apache2-debuginfo?Debug info for apache2
apache2-devel?Apache HTTP Server (DSO development)
apache2-manual?Apache HTTP Server (user manual)
apng2gif?Tool for converting APNG? images to animated GIF format
apngasm?Assemble APNG? animation from PNG/TGA]] image sequence
apngdis?Deconstruct APNG? file into a sequence of PNG frames
apngopt?Optimize APNG? animated images
apngtools?Animated PNG image (APNG?) tools
appres?X.Org application resource viewer
apr1?Apache Portable Runtime core library (transition package)
aprutil1?Apache Portable Runtime utility library (transition)
arc?The ARC archive utility
archivemail?Archive and compress old email
aria2High speed download utility
arj?Archiver for .arj? files
arpack?ARPACK? libs (large scale eigenvalue problems )
ascii?ASCII character tables
asciidoc?Text based document generation
ash?OBSOLETE PKG: replaced by dash
aspell?A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell - (program and utilities)
aspell-de?GNU Aspell german dictionary
aspell-dev?Removed package
aspell-doc?Removed package
aspell-en?GNU Aspell english dictionary
aspell-pl?GNU Aspell polish dictionary
aspell-sv?GNU Aspell swedish dictionary
astyle?Artistic Style is a reindenter and reformatter of C, C++, C♯ and Java source code.
asymptote?Vector graphics language for TeX
at-spi2-atk?AT-SPI/D-Bus GTK+ bridge
at-spi2-atk-debuginfo?Debug info for at-spi2-atk
at-spi2-core?AT-SPI/D-Bus registry service
at-spi2-core-debuginfo?Debug info for at-spi2-core
atk?Obsolete package
atk-devel?Obsolete package
atk-doc?Obsolete package
atk-runtime?Obsolete package
atk1.0?Accessibility Toolkit library
atk1.0-debuginfo?Debug info for atk1.0
atool?Manage many types of file archives
attr?Utilities for managing filesystem extended attributes
audiofile?Digital audio file library (utilities)
autobuild?Generate summary information from build logs
autoconfWrapper scripts for autoconf commands
autoconf2.1?stable version of the automatic configure script builder
autoconf2.5?An extensible package of m4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages.
automakeWrapper scripts for automake and aclocal
automake1.10?(1.10) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.11?(1.11) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.12?(1.12) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.4?(1.4) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.5?(1.5) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.6?(1.6) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.7?(1.7) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.8?(1.8) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automake1.9?(1.9) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
automoc4?CMake hooks for Qt4 moc generation
autossh?Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
autotrace?A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics
avahi?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (daemon)
avahi-tools?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (CLI tools)
avahi-ui-tools?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GUI tools)
aview?A high quality ASCII art image viewer and video player
balance?TCP load-balancing proxy server
base-cygwinInitial base installation helper script.
base-filesA set of important system configuration and setup files
base-passwdObsolete script to set up passwd and group files
bashThe GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-completionbash completion enhancements
bashdb?debugger for bash scripts
bcThe GNU numeric processing language and reverse polish calculator
bcrypt?Cross platform file encryption utility using blowfish
bdftopcf?X.Org Portable Compiled Format font compiler
beforelight?X.Org BeforeLight? screensaver
bigreqsproto?X.Org XBigReq? extension headers
bindDNS server
bind-debuginfo?Debug info for bind
bind-utils?DNS server and utilities suite
binutilsThe GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
bisonA parser generator that is compatible with YACC
bitmap?X.Org bitmap viewer and converter utilities
bmp2png?Convert BMP images to PNG and vice versa
boolUtility for matching boolean queries in text or html files
boost?Boost C++ libraries (source)
boost-devel?Obsolete package
botan?A portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
boxes?Textmode box- and comment drawing filter
brlttyAccess software for a blind person using a soft braille terminal
bsdcpio?A re-implementation of cpio using libarchive
bsdifftools for building and applying patches to binary files
bsdtar?A re-implementation of tar using libarchive
bsfilter?Bayesian spam filter with Japanese support
bsflite?Minimalist console AIM? client
btf?SuiteSparse BTF: permutation to block triangular form - empty source only
btf-debuginfo?Debug info for btf
build-docbook-catalog?DocBook XML DTD registration script
bviBinary vi-like editor
byacc?The Berkeley LALR parser generator
bzip2A high-quality block-sorting file compressor (utilities)
bzrPython based distributed version control system
bzr-fastimport?Bzr plugin for fast loading of revision control data
c-client?UW c-client library
c3270?3270 Emulator (Curses)
ca-certificatesCA root certificates
cabextractExtract Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files
cadaver?Command-line WebDAV client
cairoCross-device vector graphics library
cairo-debuginfo?Debug info for cairo
cairo-doc?Cross-device vector graphics library (API documentation)
camd?SuiteSparse CAMD: constrained symmetric approximate minimum degree - empty source only
camd-debuginfo?Debug info for camd
catdoc?Dump Word, Excel and Powerpoint files contents
catgets?catgets message catalog API; gencat
ccacheA C compiler cache for improving recompilation
cccc?C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool
ccdoc?Generates HTML interface documentation for C++ packages.
ccolamd?SuiteSparse CCOLAMD: contrained column approximate minimum degree - empty source only
ccolamd-debuginfo?Debug info for ccolamd
ccrypt?A utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams
cdargs?Bookmarks and browsing for the cd command
cdda2wav?Extract audio CD data (symlink to icedax)
cdrecordCommand line CD/DVD writing tool (symlink to wodim)
cdrkit?CD/DVD recording suite
cfourcc?Command line tool for changing FourCC in AVI video files
cgdb?A curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB)
cgoban?X11 Client to IGS? and NNGS? go servers, SGF? editor, GUI for Gnu Go
check?Unit test framework for C
checkbashisms?Check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts
checkx?OBSOLETE PKG: replaced by run2
chereCygwin Prompt Here context menus
chewmail?mail archiver for various mailbox formats
chicken?A practical and portable Scheme system
chkconfigManage symbolic links in the /etc/rc[0-6].d
cholmod?SuiteSparse CHOLMOD: sparse supernodal Cholesky factorization and update/downdate - empty source only
cholmod-debuginfo?Debug info for cholmod
clamavA GPL virus scanner
clamav-db?The clamav release database
clang?C/C++/ObjC compiler frontend based on LLVM
clang-analyzer?C/C++/ObjC code analyzer
clisp?an ANSI Common Lisp implementation
clisp-clx?The new-clx module linkset for clisp
clisp-gdi?The GDI module linkset for clisp
clisp-gtk2?The GTK2 + dbus module linkset for clisp
cloog-ppl?The Chunky Loop Generator
cmakeA cross platform build manager
cocom?Toolset for creation of compilers and interpreters
code2html?Convert source code to syntax highlighted HTML
codeville?A distributed version control system implemented in Python
colamd?SuiteSparse COLAMD: column approximate minimum degree - empty source only
colamd-debuginfo?Debug info for colamd
colordiffA tool to colorize diff output
colorgcc?Colorizer for GCC warning/error messages
compface?48x48x1 image compression and decompression - (utilities)
compositeproto?X.Org Composite extension headers
connect-proxySSH Proxy Command
convmvFilename encoding conversion tool
copyright-update?Update copyright information in files
coreutilsGNU core utilities (includes fileutils, sh-utils and textutils)
corkscrew?Tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
cpioA backup and archiving utility
cppcheck?A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cppcheck-debuginfo?Debug info for cppcheck
cppi?GNU C pre-processor indenter
cppunit?C++ unit testing framework
cramfsTools to create and verify Linux CRAMFS filesystem images.
cronVixie's cron.
cryptEncryption/Decryption utility and library
cscopeInteractively examine a C program source
csih?Provides support for installing cygwin services
ctagsA C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool
ctorrent?BitTorrent client written in C++
ctris?Console mode tetris clone
CUnit?A Unit Testing Framework for C (src only)
curlMulti-protocol file transfer tool
curl-debuginfo?Debug info for curl
curl-devel?Obsolete package
cvs?Concurrent Version System
cvs2svn?CVS to Subversion repository converter
cvsps?Generates patchset information from a CVS repository
cvsutils?CVS client utilities for offline work.
cxsparse?SuiteSparse CXSparse: extended sparse matrix package - empty source only
cxsparse-debuginfo?Debug info for cxsparse
cygport?Cygwin source packaging tool
cygrunsrvNT/W2K service initiator
cygutilsA collection of simple utilities
cygwinThe UNIX emulation engine
cygwin-debug?Obsolete Cygwin debug package
cygwin-debuginfo?Debug info for cygwin
cygwin-doc?Cygwin-specific documentation, including man pages and User's Guide
cygwin-x-doc?Cygwin/X-specific documentation
cyrus-sasl?The Cyrus SASL API implementation. (Documentation and Utilities)
damageproto?X.Org XDamage prototype headers
dashdash shell
db2?Oracle Berkeley DB (db2 - utilities)
db3.1?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.1 - utilities)
db3.3?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.3 - utilities)
db4.0?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.0 - utilities)
db4.1?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.1 - utilities)
db4.2?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.2 - utilities)
db4.3?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.3 - utilities)
db4.4?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.4 - utilities)
db4.5?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.5 - utilities)
db4.8?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.8 - utilities)
db4.8-doc?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.8 - documentation)
dblatex?Converts DocBook SGML/XML to DVI/PS/PDF
dbusFreedesktop message bus system
dbus-bash-completion?Bash completion macros for D-Bus
dbus-debuginfo?Debug info for dbus
dbus-doc?Freedesktop message bus system
dbus-glib?FreeDesktop? application message bus (GLib bindings)
dbus-glib-debuginfo?Debug info for dbus-glib
dconfGNOME configuration system (client utility)
dconf-debuginfo?Debug info for dconf
dconf-editorGNOME configuration system (GUI preferences editor)
dconf-serviceGNOME configuration system
ddir?Display hierarchical directory tree
ddrescueData recovery tool
dejagnu?Automatic program testing framework
delta?Heuristic minimizer of interesting files
deroff?Remove roff and preprocessor constructs
desktop-file-utilsUtilities for manipulating desktop files
dhttpd?Minimal secure webserver without cgi-bin support
dialog?Curses widget-based script interpreter
dialog-debuginfo?Debug info for dialog
diffstatGenerate statistics on diff output.
diffutilsA GNU collection of diff utilities
distccA fast, free, distributed C/C++ compiler
dmalloc?A malloc debugger.
dmxproto?X.Org DMX extension headers
docbook-dssslDocBook Jade DSSSL stylesheets
docbook-sgml30?DocBook SGML DTD version 3.0
docbook-sgml31?DocBook SGML DTD version 3.1
docbook-sgml40?DocBook SGML DTD version 4.0
docbook-sgml41?DocBook SGML DTD version 4.1
docbook-sgml42?DocBook SGML DTD version 4.2
docbook-sgml43?DocBook SGML DTD version 4.3
docbook-sgml44?DocBook SGML DTD version 4.4
docbook-sgml45?DocBook SGML DTD version 4.5
docbook-utils?Converts DocBook to other formats
docbook-xml-simple10?DocBook Simplified XML DTD version 1.0
docbook-xml-simple11?DocBook Simplified XML DTD version 1.1
docbook-xml412?DocBook XML DTD version 4.1.2
docbook-xml42?DocBook XML DTD version 4.2
docbook-xml43?DocBook XML DTD version 4.3
docbook-xml44?DocBook XML DTD version 4.4
docbook-xml45?DocBook XML DTD version 4.5
docbook-xsl?DocBook XSL stylesheets
docbook-xsl-ns?DocBook XSL-NS stylesheets
dog?Enhanced replacement for cat
dos2unixLine Break Conversion
doxygenA documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, IDL (Corba and Microsoft flavors) and to some extent PHP, C#, and D.
doxygen-debuginfo?Debug info for doxygen
doxygen-doxywizard?Doxywizard is a graphical front-end to read/edit/write doxygen configuration files and to launch doxygen.
dpatch?OBSOLETE PACKAGE: Patch maintenance system for source packages
dri-drivers?OpenGL DRI drivers
duff?Duplicate file finder
e2fsimage?Creates ext2 filesystem images
e2fsprogsExt2/3/4 filesystem utilities
e2fsprogs-debuginfo?Debug info for e2fsprogs
ec-fonts-mftraced?Obsolete package
edThe GNU version of the original UNIX line editor
editres?X.Org resource editor
editrights?Alter Windows user rights and privileges from command line
ELFIO?ELF file reader and producer implemented as a C++ library
emacsThe extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.
emacs-auctex?TeX macros for Emacs
emacs-debuginfo?Debug info for emacs
emacs-el?LISP source code for Emacs (including LEIM).
emacs-ocaml?Emacs mode for OCaml
emacs-w32?Emacs binaries using the native Windows GUI.
emacs-X11?Emacs binaries using the X11 GUI.
email?Command line sending of email with attachments, optional GnuPG
enchant?Interface to various spell checking libraries (apps)
enscript?A free replacement for the Adobe's enscript program
epstool?Edit preview images and fix bounding boxes in EPS files
esound?Enlightened Sound Daemon clients
eventlog?Structured event logging library
exif?Command-line EXIF metadata parser
exif-debuginfo?Debug info for exif
exim?A Mail Transfer Agent.
expatExpat XML parser library (xmlwf, docs)
expectTool for automating interactive applications
fcgi?FastCGI A High-Performance Gateway Interface
fcrackzipPassword cracker for zip archives
fdupes?Identify duplicate files within given directories
fetchmail?Remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
ffcall?Foreign function call libraries
fftw3?Fast Fourier transforms C library
fftw3-debuginfo?Debug info for fftw3
fftw3-doc?Fast Fourier transforms C library
figlet?Create large letters on text screen (Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters)
fileDetermines file type using 'magic' numbers
findutilsUtilities for finding files--find, xargs, locate, updatedb
fixesproto?X.Org XFixes extension headers
flac?Free Lossless Audio Codec
flac-devel?Free Lossless Audio Codec (Development)
flawfinder?Examine source code and look for security weaknesses
flexA fast lexical analyzer generator
flexdll?Creates DLLs with runtime symbol resolution
flip?Convert text file line endings between Unix and DOS formats
flog?File logger to read stdin and write to a file
fltk?Fast Light Toolkit (source package for X11 version)
fltk-devel?Obsolete package
fltk-doc?Obsolete package
fltk_gdi?Fast Light Toolkit - GDI version (sources)
font-adobe-dpi100?X.Org Adobe 100dpi fonts
font-adobe-dpi75?X.Org Adobe 75dpi fonts
font-adobe-utopia-dpi100?X.Org Adobe Utopia 100dpi fonts
font-adobe-utopia-dpi75?X.Org Adobe Utopia 75dpi fonts
font-adobe-utopia-type1?X.Org Adobe Utopia Type1 fonts
font-alias?X.Org font aliases
font-arabic-misc?X.Org Arabic fonts
font-bh-dpi100?X.Org Bigelow & Holmes 100dpi fonts
font-bh-dpi75?X.Org Bigelow & Holmes 75dpi fonts
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-dpi100?X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida Typewriter 100dpi fonts
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-dpi75?X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida Typewriter 75dpi fonts
font-bh-ttf?X.Org Bigelow & Holmes TrueType fonts
font-bh-type1?X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Type1 fonts
font-bitstream-dpi100?X.Org Bitstream 100dpi fonts
font-bitstream-dpi75?X.Org Bitstream 75dpi fonts
font-bitstream-speedo?X.Org Bitstream Speedo fonts
font-bitstream-type1?X.Org Bitstream Type1 fonts
font-bitstream-vera-ttf?Bitstream Vera font family
font-cantarell-otf?Cantarell TTF sans serif fonts
font-cronyx-cyrillic?X.Org Cronyx cyrillic fonts
font-cursor-misc?X.Org cursor fonts
font-daewoo-misc?X.Org Daewoo fonts
font-dec-misc?X.Org DEC misc fonts
font-encodings?X.Org font encodings
font-ibm-type1?X.Org IBM Type1 fonts
font-isas-misc?X.Org Institute of Software Academia Sinica fonts
font-jis-misc?X.Org Japanese Industrial Standard fonts
font-micro-misc?X.Org Micro fonts
font-misc-cyrillic?X.Org miscellaneous Cyrillic fonts
font-misc-ethiopic?X.Org Ethiopian fonts
font-misc-meltho?X.Org Meltho fonts
font-misc-misc?X.Org miscellaneous fonts
font-mutt-misc?X.Org NMSU Computing Research Labs fonts
font-schumacher-misc?X.Org Schumacher fonts
font-screen-cyrillic?X.Org Cyrillic screen fonts
font-sony-misc?X.Org Sony fonts
font-sun-misc?X.Org Sun Microsystems fonts
font-tektronix-misc?Tektronix terminal emulator fonts
font-util?X.Org font utilities and font maps
font-winitzki-cyrillic?X.Org Winitzki Cyrillic fonts
font-xfree86-type1?X.Org XFree86 Type1 fonts
fontconfig?Font configuration utilities
fontconfig-debuginfo?Debug info for fontconfig
fontsproto?X.Org XFont headers
fonttosfnt?X.Org bitmap font to TrueType font wrapper
fortune?Print a random, perhaps interesting, adage; may contain offsensive material
fossil?DVCS with built-in wiki, http server and issue tracker
freeglutOpen Source GLUT implementation
freetds?MS-SQL and Sybase database utilities
freetds-debuginfo?Debug info for freetds
freetype2?FreeType font engine
freetype2-debuginfo?Debug info for freetype2
freetype2-demos?FreeType font engine (demo programs)
fribidi?Bidirectional Unicode (test program)
fvwm?Window manager for X11
fvwm-debuginfo?Debug info for fvwm
gaffitter?Genetic Algorithm File Fitter.
gail?Obsolete package
gamin?File and directory monitoring system (daemon)
gamin-debuginfo?Debug info for gamin
gawk?GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language
gawk-debuginfo?Debug info for gawk
gccGCC-3 Series legacy compiler: C compiler upgrade helper
gcc-ada?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: Ada compiler
gcc-coreGCC-3 Series legacy compiler: C compiler
gcc-g++GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: C++ compiler
gcc-g77?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: Fortran compiler
gcc-gdc?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: D compiler
gcc-gm2?GNU Modula 2 compiler
gcc-gpc?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: GNU Pascal compiler
gcc-java?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: Java compiler
gcc-mingw?Mingw32 GCC compiler upgrade helper
gcc-mingw-ada?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC Ada
gcc-mingw-core?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC
gcc-mingw-g++?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC C++
gcc-mingw-g77?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC Fortran
gcc-mingw-gdc?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC D compiler
gcc-mingw-gpc?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC Pascal
gcc-mingw-java?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC Java
gcc-mingw-objc?Mingw32 support headers and libraries for GCC ObjC
gcc-objc?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: ObjC compiler
gcc-testsuite?GCC-3 Series legacy compiler: GCC testsuite sources
gcc-tools-autoconf?Upgrade helper
gcc-tools-automake?Upgrade helper
gcc-tools-epoch1-autoconf?(gcc-special) automatic configure script builder
gcc-tools-epoch1-automake?(gcc-special) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf?(gcc-special) automatic configure script builder
gcc-tools-epoch2-automake?(gcc-special) a tool for generating GNU-compliant Makefiles
gcc4?GCC Release series 4 compiler (C & C++ install helper)
gcc4-ada?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Ada (GNAT) subpackage
gcc4-core?GCC Release series 4 compiler: core C compiler subpackage
gcc4-fortran?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Fortran subpackage
gcc4-g++?GCC Release series 4 compiler: G++ subpackage
gcc4-java?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Java subpackage
gcc4-objc?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Objective C and Objective C++ subpackage
gcc4-runtime?GCC Release series 4 compiler: shared libgcc runtime
gccmakedep?Xorg preprocessor dependency maker
gconf-desktop-schemas?GConf desktop settings schemas
gconf-desktop-settings?GConf desktop settings schemas
GConf2?GNOME configuration database system
GConf2-debuginfo?Debug info for GConf2
GConf2-devel?Obsolete package
GConf2-doc?Obsolete package
gcr?GNOME cryptography framework
gcr-debuginfo?Debug info for gcr
gd?A library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers (utilities)
gd-debuginfo?Debug info for gd
gdbThe GNU Debugger
gdbm?GNU dbm database routines (utilities)
gdk-pixbuf2-wmf?Windows Metafile library (GdkPixbuf? loader)
gdk-pixbuf2.0?GNOME image loading library
gdk-pixbuf2.0-debuginfo?Debug info for gdk-pixbuf2.0
gdk-pixbuf2.0-svg?GdkPixbuf? loader for SVG
gendef?Generates exports definitions by analyzing DLLs.
genisoimageCreate ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem images
geoip?IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library
getmail?Mail retriever with support for POP3, IMAP4? and SDPS?
gettextGNU Internationalization library and core utilities (PLUS LINK LIBS)
gettext-devel?GNU Internationalization development utilities (but NOT LINK LIBS)
ghostscript?GPL PostScript interpreter (utilities)
ghostscript-base?Removed package
ghostscript-debuginfo?Debug info for ghostscript
ghostscript-fonts-other?Miscellaneous fonts derived from the free Hershey fonts, with improvements for ghostscript
ghostscript-fonts-std?35 commercial-quality Type 1 basic PostScript fonts for ghostscript
ghostscript-x11?Removed package
gif2apng?Tool for converting animated GIF images to APNG? format
giflib?GIF file manipulation library (utilities and docs)
girepository-Atk1.0?Accessibility Toolkit library
girepository-Atspi2.0?AT-SPI/D-Bus accessibility library (GObject Introspection)
girepository-Avahi0.6?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GObject Introspection bindings)
girepository-cairo1.0?GObject Introspection data for libcairo
girepository-Everything1.0?GObject Introspection sample module
girepository-Gck1?GNOME PKCS11 library (GObject Introspection)
girepository-GConf2.0?GNOME configuration database system
girepository-Gcr3?GNOME crypto UI library (GObject Introspection)
girepository-GdkPixbuf2.0?GNOME image loading library (GObject Introspection)
girepository-GIMarshallingTests1.0?GObject Introspection test module
girepository-GIRepository2.0?GObject Introspection library (GObject Introspection data)
girepository-GLib2.0?GLib GObject Introspection data
girepository-GnomeKeyring1.0?GNOME Desktop password management client library
girepository-Gsf1?GNOME Structured File library
girepository-Gst0.10?GStreamer multimedia framework (0.10 branch)
girepository-Gst1.0?GStreamer multimedia framework (1.0 branch)
girepository-GstCheck0.10?GStreamer multimedia framework (0.10 branch)
girepository-GstCheck1.0?GStreamer multimedia framework (1.0 branch)
girepository-GstInterfaces0.10?GStreamer 0.10 Base Plug-ins
girepository-GstInterfaces1.0?GStreamer 1.0 Base Plug-ins
girepository-Gtk2.0?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit (GObject Introspection)
girepository-Gtk3.0?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit (GObject Introspection)
girepository-Pango1.0?GNOME text layout and rendering library
girepository-Poppler0.18?PDF rendering library (GObject Introspection)
girepository-Rsvg2.0?GNOME Scalable Vector Graphics library (GObject Introspection)
girepository-Secret1?GObject secrets client library
girepository-Soup2.4?GNOME HTTP library
girepository-SoupGNOME2.4?GNOME HTTP library
girepository-Wnck1.0?GNOME Window Navigation Construction Kit
girepository-x11?GObject Introspection data for X11 libraries
gitFast Version Control System - core files
git-completionFast Version Control System - git bash completion
git-guiFast Version Control System - git-gui viewer
git-oodiff?Git diff filter for OpenDocument? files
git-svnFast Version Control System - git-svn conversions
gitkFast Version Control System - gitk viewer
glib?Gnome C function library (1.2 sources)
glib-devel?Obsolete package
glib2?Obsolete package
glib2-devel?Obsolete package
glib2-doc?Obsolete package
glib2-runtime?Obsolete package
glib2.0?GNOME core C function library
glib2.0-debuginfo?Debug info for glib2.0
glib2.0-networking?GIO networking modules
glib2.0-networking-debuginfo?Debug info for glib2.0-networking
glitzOpenGL image compositing library (sources)
glpk?GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
glproto?X.Org OpenGL extension headers
glu?OpenGL utility library
glu-debuginfo?Debug info for glu
glw?OpenGL widget library
glw-debuginfo?Debug info for glw
gmp?GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gnome-common?Common development files for GNOME packages
gnome-doc-utils?GNOME documentation build tools and stylesheets
gnome-icon-theme?GNOME desktop icon theme
gnome-keyring?GNOME Desktop password management system
gnome-keyring-debuginfo?Debug info for gnome-keyring
gnome-mime-data?Base set of file types and applications for GNOME 2.x
gnome-themes?Graphics for a number of GNOME Desktop themes
gnome-themes-standard?GNOME 3 themes
gnome-themes-standard-debuginfo?Debug info for gnome-themes-standard
gnome-vfs2?GNOME Virtual File System libraries
gnome-vfs2-debuginfo?Debug info for gnome-vfs2
gnome-vfs2-devel?Obsolete package
gnome-vfs2-doc?Obsolete package
gnubg?A backgammon player and analysis tool.
gnubg-debuginfo?Debug info for gnubg
gnucap?Electronic circuit simulator backend
gnugo?A program that plays the ancient game of Go
gnupgGNU\'s tool for secure communication and data storage.
gnupg-debuginfo?Debug info for gnupg
gnuplotA command-line driven interactive function plotting utility
gnuplot-debuginfo?Debug info for gnuplot
gnutls?Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols (utilities)
gnutls-debuginfo?Debug info for gnutls
gnutls-devel?Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols (development)
gnutls-doc?Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0]] protocols (documentation)
gnutls-guile?Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols (guile bindings)
gobject-introspectionGObject Introspection tools
gobject-introspection-debuginfo?Debug info for gobject-introspection
googlecl?Google Command Line
gperfPerfect hash function generator
gq?Interactive graphical LDAP browser
grace?WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool
grace-debuginfo?Debug info for grace
grandr?Xorg GTK+ XRandR UI
GraphicsMagickGraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing
GraphicsMagick-debuginfo?Debug info for GraphicsMagick
graphite2?Graphite smart font parser
graphite2-debuginfo?Debug info for graphite2
greed?Curses-based clone of the DOS freeware game Greed
grepsearch and print textual input for lines which match a specified pattern
grepmail?search mailboxes for mail matching an expression
groffGNU troff text-formatting system
grubGRand Unified Bootloader, version 2
grub-emu?GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (emulated version)
grub-fonts?GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (fonts)
gsettings-desktop-schemasGNOME desktop GSettings schemas
gsl?the GNU Scientific Library: runtime
gsl-apps?the GNU Scientific Library: application programs
gsl-devel?the GNU Scientific Library: developers tools
gsl-doc?the GNU Scientific Library: documentation
gsm?GSM 06.10 speech compression (utilities)
gstreamer0.10?GStreamer multimedia framework (0.10 branch)
gstreamer0.10-debuginfo?Debug info for gstreamer0.10
gstreamer0.10-plugins-aalib?GStreamer 0.10 aalib plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base?GStreamer 0.10 Base Plug-ins
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-debuginfo?Debug info for gstreamer0.10-plugins-base
gstreamer0.10-plugins-cairo?GStreamer 0.10 cairo plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-esd?GStreamer 0.10 esd plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-flac?GStreamer 0.10 flac plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-gconf?GStreamer 0.10 gconf plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-gdk_pixbuf?GStreamer 0.10 gdk_pixbuf plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-gio?GStreamer 0.10 gio plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good?good plugin for the GStreamer multimedia framework
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-debuginfo?Debug info for gstreamer0.10-plugins-good
gstreamer0.10-plugins-jpeg?GStreamer 0.10 jpeg plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-libcaca?GStreamer 0.10 libcaca plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-libdv?GStreamer 0.10 libdv plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-libpng?GStreamer 0.10 libpng plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-ogg?GStreamer 0.10 ogg plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-pango?GStreamer 0.10 pango plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-pulse?GStreamer 0.10 pulse plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-shout2?GStreamer 0.10 shout2 plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-soup?GStreamer 0.10 soup plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-speex?GStreamer 0.10 speex plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-taglib?GStreamer 0.10 taglib plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-theora?GStreamer 0.10 theora plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-vorbis?GStreamer 0.10 vorbis plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-wavpack?GStreamer 0.10 wavpack plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-ximage?GStreamer 0.10 ximage plugin
gstreamer0.10-plugins-ximagesrc?GStreamer 0.10 ximagesrc plugin
gstreamer1.0?GStreamer multimedia framework (1.0 branch)
gstreamer1.0-debuginfo?Debug info for gstreamer1.0
gstreamer1.0-plugins-aalib?GStreamer 1.0 aalib plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base?GStreamer 1.0 Base Plug-ins
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-debuginfo?Debug info for gstreamer1.0-plugins-base
gstreamer1.0-plugins-flac?GStreamer 1.0 flac plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-gdk_pixbuf?GStreamer 1.0 gdk_pixbuf plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good?GStreamer 1.0 Good Plug-ins collection
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-debuginfo?Debug info for gstreamer1.0-plugins-good
gstreamer1.0-plugins-jpeg?GStreamer 1.0 jpeg plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-libcaca?GStreamer 1.0 libcaca plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-libdv?GStreamer 1.0 libdv plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-libpng?GStreamer 1.0 libpng plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ogg?GStreamer 1.0 ogg plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-pango?GStreamer 1.0 pango plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-pulse?GStreamer 1.0 pulse plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-shout2?GStreamer 1.0 shout2 plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-soup?GStreamer 1.0 soup plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-speex?GStreamer 1.0 speex plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-taglib?GStreamer 1.0 taglib plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-theora?GStreamer 1.0 theora plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-vorbis?GStreamer 1.0 vorbis plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-vpx?GStreamer 1.0 vpx plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-wavpack?GStreamer 1.0 wavpack plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ximage?GStreamer 1.0 ximage plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ximagesrc?GStreamer 1.0 ximagesrc plugin
gt5?shell program to display visual disk usage with navigation
gtk+?Gimp Toolkit GUI library (1.2 sources)
gtk+-devel?Obsolete package
gtk-doc?GNOME API documentation tools
gtk-engines?Theme engines for GTK+ 1.2
gtk2-x11?Obsolete package
gtk2-x11-devel?Obsolete package
gtk2-x11-doc?Obsolete package
gtk2-x11-engines?Obsolete package
gtk2-x11-runtime?Obsolete package
gtk2.0?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit
gtk2.0-atk-bridge?AT-SPI/D-Bus GTK+ bridge
gtk2.0-canberra-module?GTK+2 sound event module
gtk2.0-debuginfo?Debug info for gtk2.0
gtk2.0-demo?GTK+ Demo application
gtk2.0-engines?Standard theme engines for gtk+-2.x
gtk2.0-engines-pixmap?Pixmap theme engine for GTK+
gtk2.0-engines-svg?GTK+ SVG theme engine
gtk2.0-gail?Accessibility Module for GTK+
gtk3?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit
gtk3-canberra-module?GNOME 3 sound event support modules
gtk3-debuginfo?Debug info for gtk3
gtk3-demo?GTK+ Demo application
gtypist?GNU console-mode typing tutor
gtypist-debuginfo?Debug info for gtypist
guile?The GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter - executables
guile-devel?The GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter - development
guile-doc?The GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter - documentation
guilt?Quilt for git; similar to Mercurial queues
gv?A PostScript and PDF viewer for X using 3d Athena Widgets
gv-debuginfo?Debug info for gv
gvfsGNOME virtual filesystem
gvfs-debuginfo?Debug info for gvfs
gvim?GTK interface to the Vim text editor
gzipThe GNU compression utility
harfbuzz?OpenType text shaping engine
harfbuzz-debuginfo?Debug info for harfbuzz
hdf5?HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format
hdf5-debuginfo?Debug info for hdf5
hdparmGet/set ATA/SATA drive parameters
heimdal?Kerberos 5 implementation clients and servers
heimdal-debuginfo?Debug info for heimdal
help2man?Creates man pages from program output
help2man-debuginfo?Debug info for help2man
hexedit?hexadecimal file viewer and editor
hicolor-icon-theme?Freedesktop.org default fallback icon theme
hp2xx?A HP-GL Converter
hp2xx-debuginfo?Debug info for hp2xx
httperfA tool for measuring web server performance
httping?Ping-like program for http-requests
httptunnel?Tunnel data stream in HTTP requests
iceauth?X.Org ICE authority file utility
icedax?Extract audio CD (CDDA) data
ico?X.Org icosahedron animator
icon-naming-utils?Icon Naming Specification compatibility script
icu?IBM Internationalization Components for Unicode (apps and docs)
icu-doc?The ICU docs package
idle?Python Tkinter-based IDE
idle3?Py3K Tkinter-based IDE
ifile?A spam filter capable of learning
ii?Minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client
ImageMagickImage manipulation software suite (utilities)
ImageMagick-doc?Image manipulation software suite (documentation)
imake?X.Org Imake legacy build system
imlib?GNOME 1.4 graphics rendering library
imlib-debuginfo?Debug info for imlib
imlib2?Enlightenment image loading utilities
imlib2-debuginfo?Debug info for imlib2
indent?C/C++ language source code formatting program
inetutilsCommon networking clients and servers
initscriptsA System-V-like collection of system initialization scripts
inputproto?X.Org XInput extension headers
integrit?File integrity checker, like Tripware
intltoolGNOME source internalization scripts
iodbcadm-gtk?Platform-independent ODBC implementation (GUI administrator)
iodbctest?Platform-independent ODBC implementation (test programs)
ioperm?support for ioperm()/iopl() functions
ipc-utils?XSI IPC maintainance utilities
ipcalc?Parameter calculator for IPv4 addresses
iperfInternet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool
iprint?Command-line integer, hex, octal and ascii print utility
irssi?A terminal based IRC client.
iselect?An interactive line selection tool for ASCII files
isomaster?Graphical CD/DVD image editor
itstool?XML translation tool
jadetex?Obsolete package
jasper?JPEG 2000 library - (utilities)
java-brlapi?braille java bindings
jbigkit?The JBIG lossless image compression library (utilities)
jgraph?A Filter for Plotting Graphs in Postscript
jikes?OBSOLETE package: Fast Java compiler adhering to language and VM specifications
jlint?A Java Program Checker
joe?Fast and simple editor which emulates 5 other editors
jpeg?A library for manipulating JPEG image format files
js185?Mozilla JavaScript engine
js185-debuginfo?Debug info for js185
json-cC JSON library (sources)
kbproto?X.Org XKB extension headers
keepassx?Qt port of KeePass Password Safe password manager.
keepassx-debuginfo?Debug info for keepassx
keychainKey manager for OpenSSH
kgb?Archiver for .kgb files
khronos-opengl-registry?Khronos OpenGL registry databases
klu?SuiteSparse KLU: sparse LU factorization, for circuit simulation - empty source only
klu-debuginfo?Debug info for klu
lablgtk2?OCaml interface to GTK2
lapack?Comprehensive FORTRAN library for linear algebra operations.
lcab?Create cabinet *.cab archives
lcms?Little color management engine - (utilities)
lcms2?Little color management engine (utilities)
lcms2-debuginfo?Debug info for lcms2
ldl?SuiteSparse LDL: a simple LDL^T factorization - empty source only
ldl-debuginfo?Debug info for ldl
lessA file pager program, similar to more(1)
lesstif?Obsolete package
lftp?Sophisticated file transfer program
libaa1?An ascii art library - (runtime)
libAfterImage?A general-purpose image manipulation library (utilities)
libAfterImage-devel?A general-purpose image manipulation library (devel)
libAfterImage0?A general-purpose image manipulation library (runtime)
libamd-devel?SuiteSparse AMD: symmetric approximate minimum degree - development
libamd0?SuiteSparse AMD: symmetric approximate minimum degree - runtime
libaoCross-Platform Audio Output Library (Transition)
libao-devel?Cross-Platform Audio Output Library (Development)
libao2?Cross-Platform Audio Output Library (Runtime)
libao4?Cross-Platform Audio Output Library (Runtime)
libapr1?Apache Portable Runtime core library (runtime)
libapr1-devel?Apache Portable Runtime core library (Development)
libaprutil1?Apache Portable Runtime utility library (runtime)
libaprutil1-devel?Apache Portable Runtime utility library (development)
libarchiveLibrary for streaming archive formats (doc)
libarchive-devel?Library for streaming archive formats (development)
libarchive2?Library for streaming archive formats (runtime)
libargp?Interface for parsing command line arguments
libarpack-devel?ARPACK development libraries
libarpack0?ARPACK shared libraries
libart_lgpl2?Obsolete package
libart_lgpl2-devel?Obsolete package
libart_lgpl_2?2D graphics library used by GNOME 2 libraries
libart_lgpl_2-debuginfo?Debug info for libart_lgpl_2
libart_lgpl_2-devel?2D graphics library used by GNOME 2 libraries
libart_lgpl_2_2?2D graphics library used by GNOME 2 libraries
libasn1_8?Kerberos 5 implementation (ASN.1 library)
libaspell-devel?A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell - (development)
libaspell15?A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell - (runtime)
libasprintf0?C-style formatted output in C++ (runtime)
libassuan?IPC library used by GnuPG2
libassuan-devel?IPC library used by GnuPG2 (devel)
libasyncns?Asynchronous DNS lookup library
libasyncns-debuginfo?Debug info for libasyncns
libasyncns-devel?Asynchronous DNS lookup library (development)
libasyncns0?Asynchronous DNS lookup library (runtime)
libatk-bridge2.0-devel?AT-SPI/D-Bus GTK+ bridge
libatk-bridge2.0_0?AT-SPI/D-Bus GTK+ bridge
libatk1.0-devel?Accessibility Toolkit library
libatk1.0_0?Accessibility Toolkit library
libatspi-devel?AT-SPI/D-Bus accessibility library (development)
libatspi0?AT-SPI/D-Bus accessibility library (runtime)
libattr-devel?Extended attribute static libraries and headers
libattr1?Shared lib for managing filesystem extended attributes
libaudio-devel?Network Audio System (development)
libaudio2?Network Audio System (runtime library)
libaudiofile-devel?Digital audio file library (development)
libaudiofile0?Digital audio file library (runtime)
libaudiofile1?Digital audio file library (runtime)
libautotrace-devel?A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics - (development)
libautotrace3?A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics - (runtime)
libavahi-client-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (client libdevel)
libavahi-client3?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (client runtime)
libavahi-common-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (common libdevel)
libavahi-common3?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (common runtime)
libavahi-core-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (core libdevel)
libavahi-core7?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (core runtime)
libavahi-glib-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GLib libdevel)
libavahi-glib1?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GLib runtime)
libavahi-gobject-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GObject libdevel)
libavahi-gobject0?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GObject runtime)
libavahi-qt4-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (Qt4 libdevel)
libavahi-qt4_1?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (Qt4 runtime)
libavahi-ui-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GTK2 libdevel)
libavahi-ui-gtk3-devel?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GTK3 libdevel)
libavahi-ui-gtk3_0?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GTK3 runtime)
libavahi-ui0?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (GTK2 runtime)
libbind9-devel?BIND Bind9 library (development)
libbind9_50?DNS libraries and utilities suite (Bind9 library)
libbind9_60?BIND Bind9 library (runtime)
libblkid-devel?Block device ID library (development)
libblkid1?Block device ID library (runtime)
libbonobo2?GNOME component and compound document system
libbonobo2-debuginfo?Debug info for libbonobo2
libbonobo2-devel?GNOME component and compound document system
libbonobo2-doc?Obsolete package
libbonobo2_0?GNOME component and compound document system
libbonoboui2?GUI library for the GNOME component and compound document system
libbonoboui2-debuginfo?Debug info for libbonoboui2
libbonoboui2-devel?GUI library for the GNOME component and compound document system
libbonoboui2_0?GUI library for the GNOME component and compound document system
libboost?Portable C++ libraries useful across a broad spectrum of applications.
libboost-devel?Boost includes and link libraries
libboost1.43?Boost runtime libraries (not including Boost.Python)
libboost1.46.1?Boost runtime libraries (not including Boost.Python)
libboost1.48?Boost runtime libraries (not including Boost.Python)
libboost_python1.43?Boost.Python runtime library
libboost_python1.46.1?Boost.Python runtime library
libboost_python1.48?Boost.Python runtime library
libbrlapi?braille client library
libbrlapi-devel?braille client library (development files)
libbtf-devel?SuiteSparse BTF: permutation to block triangular form - development
libbtf0?SuiteSparse BTF: permutation to block triangular form - runtime
libbz2-devel?A high-quality block-sorting file compressor (development)
libbz2_0?shared libraries for bzip2 (runtime)
libbz2_1?A high-quality block-sorting file compressor (runtime)
libcaca?Color ASCII art library
libcaca++-devel?Color ASCII art library (C++ development)
libcaca++0?Color ASCII art library (C++ runtime)
libcaca-bin?Color ASCII art library (sample programs)
libcaca-debuginfo?Debug info for libcaca
libcaca-devel?Color ASCII art library (C development)
libcaca-doc?Color ASCII art library (API documentation)
libcaca0?Color ASCII art library (C runtime)
libcairo-devel?Cross-device vector graphics library
libcairo2Cross-device vector graphics library
libcamd-devel?SuiteSparse CAMD: constrained symmetric approximate minimum degree - development
libcamd0?SuiteSparse CAMD: constrained symmetric approximate minimum degree - runtime
libcanberra?XDG Sound Theme library
libcanberra-debuginfo?Debug info for libcanberra
libcanberra-devel?XDG Sound Theme library (core development)
libcanberra-gtk-devel?XDG Sound Theme library (GTK+2 development)
libcanberra-gtk0?XDG Sound Theme library (GTK+2 runtime)
libcanberra-gtk3-devel?XDG Sound Theme library (GTK+3 development)
libcanberra-gtk3_0?XDG Sound Theme library (GTK+3 runtime)
libcanberra0?XDG Sound Theme library (core runtime)
libcatgets-devel?catgets message catalog API; development
libcatgets1?catgets message catalog API; runtime
libccolamd-devel?SuiteSparse CCOLAMD: contrained column approximate minimum degree - development
libccolamd0?SuiteSparse CCOLAMD: contrained column approximate minimum degree - runtime
libcharset1?GNU character set conversion library and utilities - runtime (2)
libcholmod-devel?SuiteSparse CHOLMOD: sparse supernodal Cholesky factorization and update/downdate - development
libcholmod0?SuiteSparse CHOLMOD: sparse supernodal Cholesky factorization and update/downdate - runtime
libclamav-devel?The clamav includes and libraries
libclamav2?The clamav dll since v0.90
libclamav3?The clamav dll since v0.92
libclamav4?The clamav dll since v0.93
libclamav5?The clamav dll since v0.94
libclamav6?The clamav dll since v0.97
libclangC/C++/ObjC compiler library (runtime)
libclang-devel?C/C++/ObjC compiler library (development)
libcloog-devel?The Chunky Loop Generator
libcloog0?CLooG - the Chunky Loop Generator
libcolamd-devel?SuiteSparse COLAMD: column approximate minimum degree - development
libcolamd0?SuiteSparse COLAMD: column approximate minimum degree - runtime
libcom_err-devel?Common error description library (development)
libcom_err2?Common error description library (runtime)
libcompface-devel?48x48x1 image compression and decompression - (development)
libcompface0?48x48x1 image compression and decompression - (runtime)
libcroco0.6?GNOME CSS parser library (utilities)
libcroco0.6-debuginfo?Debug info for libcroco0.6
libcroco0.6-devel?GNOME CSS parser library (development)
libcroco0.6_3?GNOME CSS parser library (runtime)
libcroco06?Obsolete package
libcroco06-devel?Obsolete package
libct4?Libraries to connect to MS-SQL and Sybase databases (CT-lib)
libcurl-develMulti-protocol file transfer library (development)
libcurl3?runtime library for cURL (compatibility version)
libcurl4?Multi-protocol file transfer library (runtime)
libcxsparse-devel?SuiteSparse CXSparse: extended sparse matrix package - development
libcxsparse0?SuiteSparse CXSparse: extended sparse matrix package - runtime
libdaemon?UNIX daemon API library (sources)
libdaemon-devel?UNIX daemon API library (development)
libdaemon0?UNIX daemon API library (runtime)
libdatrie?Double-array digital search tree library (utility)
libdatrie-devel?Double-array digital search tree library (development)
libdatrie1?Double-array digital search tree library (runtime)
libdb2?Oracle Berkeley DB (db2 - C lib)
libdb2-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db2 - development)
libdb3.1?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.1 - C and C++ libs)
libdb3.1-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.1 - development)
libdb3.3?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.3 - C and C++ libs)
libdb3.3-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.3 - development)
libdb4.0?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.0 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.0-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.0 - development)
libdb4.1?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.1 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.1-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.1 - development)
libdb4.2?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.2 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.2-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.2 - development)
libdb4.3?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.3 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.3-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.3 - development)
libdb4.4?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.4 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.4-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.4 - development)
libdb4.5?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.5 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.5-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.5 - development)
libdb4.8?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.8 - C and C++ libs)
libdb4.8-devel?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.8 - development)
libdbus-glib_1-devel?FreeDesktop? application message bus (GLib bindings)
libdbus-glib_1_2?FreeDesktop? application message bus (GLib bindings)
libdbus1-devel?Freedesktop message bus system
libdbus1_3?Freedesktop message bus system
libdconf-dbus1-devel?GNOME configuration system client library (libdbus development)
libdconf-dbus1_0?GNOME configuration system client library (libdbus runtime)
libdconf-devel?GNOME configuration system client library (GDBus development)
libdconf0?GNOME configuration client library (GDBus runtime)
libdconf1?GNOME configuration system client library (GDBus runtime)
libdialog-devel?Curses widget-based script interpreter library (development)
libdialog10?Curses widgets script interpreter (runtime library)
libdialog11?Curses widget-based script interpreter library (runtime)
libdmx?X.Org DMX library (source)
libdmx-devel?X.Org DMX library (development)
libdmx1?X.Org DMX library (runtime)
libdns-devel?BIND DNS library (development)
libdns50?DNS libraries and utilities suite (DNS library)
libdns66?BIND DNS library (runtime)
libdns_sd-devel?Bonjour Zeroconf client library (development)
libdns_sd1?Bonjour Zeroconf client library (runtime)
libdpstk1?OBSOLETE X11 Display PostScript libraries
libdv?DV video codec
libdv-debuginfo?Debug info for libdv
libdv-devel?DV video codec
libdv4?DV video codec
libe2p-devel?Ext2fs programs utility library (development)
libe2p2?Ext2fs programs utility library (runtime)
libecpg-compat1?older version of run-time library for ECPG programs
libecpg-compat2?run-time library for ECPG (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
libecpg-devel?development files for ECPG (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
libecpg4?run-time library for ECPG programs
libecpg5?object-relational SQL database management system
libedit?The NetBSD Editline library
libedit-devel?The NetBSD Editline library (devel)
libedit0?The NetBSD Editline library (runtime)
libEGL-devel?Embedded GL native platform interface library (development)
libEGL1?Embedded GL native platform interface library (runtime)
libelf0?ELF object file access library.
libelf0-devel?ELF object file access library.
libEMF?A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles - (utilities)
libEMF-devel?A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles - (development)
libEMF1?A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles - (runtime)
libenchant-devel?Interface to various spell checking libraries (development)
libenchant1?Interface to various spell checking libraries (runtime)
libesd-devel?Enlightened Sound Daemon (libdevel)
libesd0?Enlightened Sound Daemon (runtime library)
libesmtp?SMTP client library (sources)
libesmtp-devel?SMTP client library (development)
libesmtp6?SMTP client library (runtime)
libesound-devel?Obsolete package
libesound0?Obsolete package
libevtlog-devel?Structured event logging library (devel)
libevtlog0?Structured event logging library (runtime)
libexif?EXIF parser library
libexif-debuginfo?Debug info for libexif
libexif-devel?EXIF parser library (development)
libexif12?EXIF parser library (runtime)
libexpat0?XML parser library written in C (runtime package)
libexpat1?Expat XML parser library (runtime)
libexpat1-devel?Expat XML parser library (development)
libext2fs-devel?Ext2fs library (development)
libext2fs2?Ext2fs library (runtime)
libfam-devel?File and directory monitoring system (libdevel)
libfam0?File and directory monitoring system (runtime library)
libfcgi-devel?Headers and Libraries for FastCGI (fcgi)
libfcgi0?The FastCGI (fcgi) DLL
libffi4?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Foreign Frame Interface shared runtime
libfftw3-devel?Fast Fourier transforms C library
libfftw3_3?Fast Fourier transforms C library
libFLAC++6?Free Lossless Audio Codec (Runtime)
libFLAC8?Free Lossless Audio Codec (Runtime)
libfltk-devel?Fast Light Toolkit (development, for X11)
libfltk-doc?Fast Light Toolkit (HTML documentation, for X11 and GDI)
libfltk1.1?Fast Light Toolkit (runtime for X11)
libfltk1.1-gdi?Fast Light Toolkit - GDI version (runtime, for GDI)
libfltk1.3?Fast Light Toolkit (runtime for X11)
libfontconfig-devel?Font configuration library
libfontconfig1?Font configuration library
libfontenc?X.Org font encoding library (source)
libfontenc-devel?X.Org font encoding library (development)
libfontenc1?X.Org font encoding library (runtime)
libfpx?FlashPIX? image library
libfpx-devel?FlashPIX? image library - (development)
libfpx1?FlashPIX image library - (runtime)
libfreetype-devel?FreeType font engine
libfreetype2-devel?Obsolete package
libfreetype26?Obsolete package
libfreetype6?FreeType font engine
libfribidi-devel?Bidirectional Unicode (development)
libfribidi0?Bidirectional Unicode (runtime library)
libgailutil-devel?Accessibility Library for GTK+ (development)
libgailutil18?Accessibility Library for GTK+ (runtime)
libgailutil3-devel?Accessibility Library for GTK+ (development)
libgailutil3_0?Accessibility Library for GTK+ (runtime)
libgamin1-devel?File and directory monitoring system (libdevel)
libgamin1_0?File and directory monitoring system (runtime library)
libgc?Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collector library
libgc-debuginfo?Debug info for libgc
libgc-devel?Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collector library (development)
libgc1?Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collector library (runtime)
libgcc1GCC Release series 4 compiler: GCC compiler support shared runtime
libgcj-common?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Java runtime configuration files
libgcj11?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Java shared runtime
libgcj9?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Java shared runtime
libgck1-devel?GNOME PKCS11 library (development)
libgck1_0?GNOME PKCS11 library (runtime)
libgconf2-devel?GNOME configuration database system
libgconf2_4?GNOME configuration database system
libgcr-devel?GNOME crypto UI library (development)
libgcr0?GNOME crypto UI library (runtime)
libgcr3-common?GNOME crypto UI library (data)
libgcr3-devel?GNOME crypto UI library (development)
libgcr3_1?GNOME crypto UI library (runtime)
libgcrypt?A general purpose crypto library based on the code from GnuPG.
libgcrypt-devel?A general purpose crypto library based on the code from GnuPG - (development)
libgcrypt11?A general purpose crypto library based on the code from GnuPG - (runtime)
libgd-devel?A library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers (development)
libgd2?A library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers (runtime)
libgdbm?GNU dbm database routines (runtime)
libgdbm-devel?GNU dbm database routines (development)
libgdbm3?GNU dbm database routines (runtime)
libgdbm4?GNU dbm database routines (runtime)
libgdk_imlib-devel?Graphics rendering library (GTK+ development)
libgdk_imlib1?Graphics rendering library (GTK+ runtime)
libgdk_pixbuf2.0-devel?GNOME image loading library (development)
libgdk_pixbuf2.0_0?GNOME image loading library (runtime)
libgdk_pixbuf_xlib2.0-devel?GNOME image loading library (X11 development)
libgdk_pixbuf_xlib2.0_0?GNOME image loading library (X11 runtime)
libgeotiff?GeoTIFF - georeferenced raster imagery (utilities)
libgeotiff-devel?GeoTIFF - georeferenced raster imagery (development)
libgeotiff1?GeoTIFF - georeferenced raster imagery (runtime)
libgettextpo0?GNU Internationalization runtime library (2)
libgfortran3?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Fortran shared runtime
libggi2?General Graphics Interface
libggi2-devel?General Graphics Interface (development files)
libggi2-display-aa?aalib display module for libggi2
libggi2-display-file?draw to a file using libggi2
libggi2-display-terminfo?curses display module for libggi2
libggi2-display-x?X11 display module for libggi2
libggi2-samples?Sample programs for libggi2
libggimisc2?GGI extension for misc features
libggimisc2-devel?GGI extensions for misc features (development files)
libggimisc2-samples?Sample programs for libggimisc2
libggiwmh0?GGI Window Manager Hints
libggiwmh0-devel?GGI Window Manager Hints (development files)
libggiwmh0-display-x?X11 extension module for libggiwmh0
libggiwmh0-samples?Sample programs for libggiwmh0
libgif-devel?GIF file manipulation library (development)
libgif4?GIF file manipulation library (runtime)
libgii1?General Input Interface
libgii1-devel?General Input Interface (development files)
libgii1-input-x?X11 input module for libgii1
libgirepository1.0-devel?GObject Introspection library (development)
libgirepository1.0_0?GObject Introspection library (runtime)
libgirepository1.0_1?GObject Introspection library (runtime)
libGL-devel?X11 OpenGL library (development)
libGL1?X11 OpenGL library (runtime)
libglade2?Obsolete package
libglade2.0?Library for runtime-loading Glade interfaces
libglade2.0-debuginfo?Debug info for libglade2.0
libglade2.0-devel?Library for runtime-loading Glade interfaces
libglade2.0_0?Library for runtime-loading Glade interfaces
libglapi-devel?OpenGL internal API library (development)
libglapi0?OpenGL internal API library (runtime)
libglib1.2-devel?Gnome C function library (1.2 development)
libglib1.2_0?Gnome C function library (1.2 runtime)
libglib2.0-devel?GNOME core C function library (development)
libglib2.0_0?GNOME core C function library (runtime)
libglitz-devel?OpenGL image compositing library (development)
libglitz-glx1?OpenGL image compositing library (GLX runtime library)
libglitz1?OpenGL image compositing library (runtime libraries)
libglpk-devel?GLPK? (GNU Linear Programming Kit) development libraries
libglpk0?GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) shared libraries
libGLU-devel?OpenGL utility library (development)
libGLU1?OpenGL utility library (runtime)
libglut-devel?Open Source GLUT implementation - (development)
libglut3?Open Source GLUT implementation - (runtime)
libGLw-devel?OpenGL widget library (development)
libGLw1?OpenGL widget library (runtime)
libgmp-devel?Development library for GMP arbitrary precision arithmetic library
libgmp3?Runtime library for GMP arbitrary precision arithmetic library
libgmpxx3?Runtime library for GMP C++ binding
libgmpxx4?Runtime library for C++ interface to GMP library
libgnat4.3?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Ada (GNAT) shared runtime
libgnat4.5?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Ada (GNAT) shared runtime
libgnome-keyring?GNOME Desktop password management client library
libgnome-keyring-debuginfo?Debug info for libgnome-keyring
libgnome-keyring-devel?GNOME Desktop password management client library
libgnome-keyring0?GNOME Desktop password management client library
libgnome2?Non-gui part of the GNOME library
libgnome2-debuginfo?Debug info for libgnome2
libgnome2-devel?Non-gui part of the GNOME library
libgnome2-doc?Obsolete package
libgnome2_0?Non-gui part of the GNOME library
libgnomecanvas2?GNOME canvas widget library
libgnomecanvas2-debuginfo?Debug info for libgnomecanvas2
libgnomecanvas2-devel?GNOME canvas widget library
libgnomecanvas2-doc?Obsolete package
libgnomecanvas2_0?GNOME canvas widget library
libgnomeprint2.2?GNOME Printing Architecture back-end library (sources)
libgnomeprint2.2-devel?GNOME Printing Architecture back-end library (development)
libgnomeprint2.2_0?GNOME Printing Architecture back-end library (runtime)
libgnomeprint22?Obsolete package
libgnomeprintui2.2?GNOME Printing Architecture GUI frontend library (sources)
libgnomeprintui2.2-devel?GNOME Printing Architecture GUI frontend library (development)
libgnomeprintui2.2_0?GNOME Printing Architecture GUI frontend library (runtime)
libgnomeprintui22?Obsolete package
libgnomeui2?GUI part of the GNOME library
libgnomeui2-debuginfo?Debug info for libgnomeui2
libgnomeui2-devel?GUI part of the GNOME library
libgnomeui2-doc?Obsolete package
libgnomeui2_0?GUI part of the GNOME library
libgnomevfs2-devel?GNOME Virtual File System libraries
libgnomevfs2_0?GNOME Virtual File System libraries
libgnutls11?library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols - runtime
libgnutls26?Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols (runtime)
libgnutls28?Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols (runtime)
libgomp1?GCC Release series 4 compiler: GOMP shared runtime
libgp11-devel?GNOME PKCS11 library (development)
libgp11_0?GNOME PKCS11 library (runtime)
libgpg-error?A library that defines common error values for GnuPG. (tools)
libgpg-error-devel?A library that defines common error values for GnuPG. (development)
libgpg-error0?A library that defines common error values for GnuPG. (runtime)
libGraphicsMagick-devel?GraphicsMagick library (runtime)
libGraphicsMagick3?GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing
libgraphite2-devel?Graphite smart font parser
libgraphite2_3?Graphite smart font parser
libgs-devel?GPL PostScript interpreter (development)
libgs8?PostScript language interpreter library - (runtime)
libgs9?GPL PostScript interpreter (runtime)
libgsf?GNOME Structured File library
libgsf-debuginfo?Debug info for libgsf
libgsf1-devel?GNOME Structured File library
libgsf1_114?GNOME Structured File library
libgsm-devel?GSM 06.10 speech compression (development)
libgsm1?GSM 06.10 speech compression (runtime)
libgssapi3?Kerberos 5 implementation (GSSAPI library)
libgstinterfaces0.10-devel?GStreamer 0.10 Base Plug-ins
libgstinterfaces0.10_0?GStreamer 0.10 Base Plug-ins
libgstinterfaces1.0-devel?GStreamer 1.0 Base Plug-ins
libgstinterfaces1.0_0?GStreamer 1.0 Base Plug-ins
libgstreamer0.10-devel?GStreamer multimedia framework (0.10 branch)
libgstreamer0.10_0?GStreamer multimedia framework (0.10 branch)
libgstreamer1.0-devel?GStreamer multimedia framework (1.0 branch)
libgstreamer1.0_0?GStreamer multimedia framework (1.0 branch)
libgtk1.2-devel?Gimp Toolkit GUI library (1.2 development)
libgtk1.2_0?Gimp Toolkit GUI library (1.2 runtime)
libgtk2.0-devel?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit (development)
libgtk2.0_0?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit (runtime)
libgtk3-devel?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit (development)
libgtk3_0?GTK+ X11 GUI toolkit (runtime)
libgtkhtml2?GTK2? HTML display widget library (sources)
libgtkhtml2-devel?GTK2? HTML display widget library (development)
libgtkhtml2_0?GTK2 HTML display widget library (runtime)
libguile12?The GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter (runtime libraries)
libguile17?The GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter - runtime
libharfbuzz-devel?OpenType text shaping engine
libharfbuzz0?OpenType text shaping engine
libhdb9?Kerberos 5 implementation (HDB library)
libhdf5-devel?HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format - (development)
libhdf5_0?HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format - (runtime)
libhdf5_6?HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format - (runtime)
libhdf5_7?HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format - (runtime)
libheimbase1?Kerberos 5 implementation (base library)
libheimntlm0?Kerberos 5 implementation (NTLM library)
libhogweed2_1?Removed package
libhogweed2_2?A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context (hogweed runtime)
libhx509_5?Kerberos 5 implementation (HX509 library)
libICE?X.Org Inter Client Exchange Library (source)
libICE-devel?X.Org Inter Client Exchange Library (development)
libICE6?X.Org Inter Client Exchange Library (runtime)
libiconvGNU character set conversion library and utilities
libiconv2?GNU character set conversion library and utilities - runtime (1)
libicu-devel?IBM Internationalization Components for Unicode (development)
libicu38?IBM Internationalization Components for Unicode (runtime libs)
libicu45?IBM Internationalization Components for Unicode (runtime libs)
libicu48?IBM Internationalization Components for Unicode (runtime libs)
libid3tag?ID3 tag library (sources)
libid3tag-devel?ID3 tag library (libdevel)
libid3tag0?ID3]] tag library (runtime)
libIDL2?CORBA Interface Definition Language file library
libIDL2-debuginfo?Debug info for libIDL2
libIDL2-devel?CORBA Interface Definition Language file library
libIDL2_0?CORBA Interface Definition Language file library
libidn?International Domain Name library (utilities)
libidn-debuginfo?Debug info for libidn
libidn-devel?International Domain Name library (development)
libidn-doc?International Domain Name library (documentation)
libidn11?International Domain Name library (runtime)
libImageMagick1?Image manipulation software suite (runtime)
libImlib-devel?GNOME 1.4 graphics rendering library
libImlib1?GNOME 1.4 graphics rendering library
libImlib2-devel?Enlightenment image loading library (development)
libImlib2_1?Enlightenment image loading library (runtime)
libintl1?GNU Internationalization runtime library
libintl2?GNU Internationalization runtime library
libintl3?GNU Internationalization runtime library
libintl8?GNU Internationalization runtime library
libiodbc?Platform-independent ODBC implementation
libiodbc-debuginfo?Debug info for libiodbc
libiodbc-devel?Platform-independent ODBC implementation (development)
libiodbc2?Platform-independent ODBC implementation (runtime)
libisc-devel?BIND ISC library (development)
libisc50?DNS libraries and utilities suite (ISC library)
libisc60?BIND ISC library (runtime)
libisccc-devel?BIND Command Channel library (development)
libisccc50?DNS libraries and utilities suite (ISCCC library)
libisccc60?BIND Command Channel library (runtime)
libisccfg-devel?BIND Config File library (development)
libisccfg50?DNS libraries and utilities suite (ISCCFG library)
libisccfg60?BIND Config File library (runtime)
libjasper-devel?JPEG 2000 library - (development)
libjasper1?JPEG 2000 library - (runtime)
libjasper1.701_0?JPEG 2000 library - (runtime)
libjbig-devel?The JBIG lossless image compression library (development)
libjbig1?Lossless image compression library (runtime)
libjbig2?The JBIG lossless image compression library (runtime)
libjpeg-develA library for manipulating JPEG image format files (devel)
libjpeg62?A library for manipulating JPEG image format files (runtime)
libjpeg6b?A library for manipulating JPEG image format files (runtime)
libjpeg7?A library for manipulating JPEG image format files (runtime)
libjpeg8A library for manipulating JPEG image format files (runtime)
libjson-devel?C JSON library (development)
libjson0?C JSON library (runtime)
libkadm5clnt7?Kerberos 5 implementation (kadm5 client library)
libkadm5srv8?Kerberos 5 implementation (kadm5 server library)
libkafs0?Kerberos 5 implementation (AFS library)
libkate?Ogg karaoke/text encapsulation codec (documentation)
libkate-bin?Ogg karaoke/text encapsulation codec (utilities)
libkate-devel?Ogg karaoke/text encapsulation codec (libdevel)
libkate1?Ogg karaoke/text encapsulation codec (runtime)
libkdc2?Kerberos 5 implementation (KDC library)
libklu-devel?SuiteSparse KLU: sparse LU factorization, for circuit simulation - development
libklu0?SuiteSparse KLU: sparse LU factorization, for circuit simulation - runtime
libkpathsea-devel?TeX file and path search library (development)
libkpathsea6?TeX file and path search library (runtime)
libkrb5-devel?Kerberos 5 implementation (library development)
libkrb5_26?Kerberos 5 implementation (Krb5 library)
libksba?X.509 and Cryptographic Message Syntax Library (doc)
libksba-devel?X.509 and Cryptographic Message Syntax Library (devel)
libksba8?X.509 and Cryptographic Message Syntax Library (runtime)
liblapack?Comprehensive FORTRAN library for linear algebra operations.
liblapack-devel?Development libs for LAPACK.
liblapack-doc?Development documentation for LAPACK.
liblapack0?Comprehensive FORTRAN library for linear algebra operations.
liblcms-devel?Little color management engine - (development)
liblcms1?Little color management engine - (runtime)
liblcms2-devel?Little color management engine (development)
liblcms2_2?Little color management engine (runtime)
libldl-devel?SuiteSparse LDL: a simple LDL^T factorization - development
libldl0?SuiteSparse LDL: a simple LDL^T factorization - runtime
libllvm-devel?LLVM library (development)
libllvm3.0?LLVM library (runtime)
libllvm3.1?LLVM library (runtime)
libltdl3?Libtool's dynamic loader (runtime)
libltdl7?Libtool's dynamic loader (runtime)
liblwres-devel?BIND Lightweight Resolver library (development)
liblwres50?DNS libraries and utilities suite (LWRES library)
liblwres60?BIND Lightweight Resolver library (runtime)
liblzma-devel?XZ and LZMA compression (development)
liblzma0?obsolete XZ and LZMA compression (runtime)
liblzma1?XZ and LZMA compression (runtime)
liblzma5?XZ and LZMA compression (runtime)
liblzmadec-devel?Decoding library for LZMA (development)
liblzmadec0?Decoding library for LZMA (runtime)
liblzo2?A data compression library which is suitable for data de-/compression in real-time
liblzo2-devel?A data compression library which is suitable for data de-/compression in real-time - (development)
liblzo2_2?A data compression library which is suitable for data de-/compression in real-time - (runtime)
libMagick-devel?Image manipulation software suite (development)
libMagick10?Image manipulation software suite (runtime)
libMagickCore5?Image manipulation software suite (runtime)
libmangle?Demangles MSVC C++ names to human readable names.
libmcrypt?Library for multiple encryption methods
libmcrypt-devel?Library for multiple encryption methods - (development)
libmcrypt4?Library for multiple encryption methods - (runtime)
libmetalink?Metalink XML parser library
libmetalink-debuginfo?Debug info for libmetalink
libmetalink-devel?Metalink XML parser library
libmetalink3?Metalink XML parser library
libming-devel?A SWF output library (development)
libming0?Removed package
libming1?A SWF output library (runtime)
libminizip-devel?Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive (development)
libminizip1?Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive (runtime)
libmng?A library of functions for manipulating MNG format files (utilities)
libmng-contrib?A library of functions for manipulating MNG format files (contrib)
libmng-debuginfo?Debug info for libmng
libmng-devel?A library of functions for manipulating MNG format files (development)
libmng1?A library of functions for manipulating MNG format files (runtime)
libmozjs185-devel?Mozilla JavaScript engine (development)
libmozjs185_1.0?Mozilla JavaScript engine (runtime)
libmpc-devel?A library for multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
libmpc1?A library for multiple-precision complex floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
libmpfr-devel?A library for multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
libmpfr0?A library for multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
libmpfr1?A library for multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
libmpfr4?A library for multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
libmysqlclient-devel?MySQL database client library (development)
libmysqlclient18?MySQL database client library (runtime)
libmysqld-devel?MySQL embedded database server library (development)
libmysqld0?MySQL embedded database server library (runtime)
libncurses-devel?(devel) libraries for terminal handling
libncurses10?(runtime) libraries for terminal handling
libncurses7?libraries for terminal handling (runtime)
libncurses8?(runtime) libraries for terminal handling
libncurses9?(runtime) libraries for terminal handling
libncursesw-devel?(devel) libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)
libncursesw10?(runtime) libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)
libneon-devel?HTTP and WebDAV library - (development)
libneon25?Runtime library component of Neon - an HTTP and WebDAV client library
libneon26?Runtime library component of Neon - an HTTP and WebDAV client library
libneon27?HTTP and WebDAV library - (runtime)
libnetcdf-cxx4-devel?NetCDF C++ (network Common Data Form) (devel)
libnetcdf-cxx4_1?NetCDF C++ (network Common Data Form) (dll)
libnetcdf-devel?NetCDF (network Common Data Form) (devel)
libnetcdf-fortran-devel?NetCDF Fortran (network Common Data Form) (devel)
libnetcdf-fortran_5?NetCDF Fortran (network Common Data Form) (dll)
libnetcdf6?NetCDF (network Common Data Form) (dll)
libnetcdf7?NetCDF (network Common Data Form) (dll)
libnetpbm-devel?PNM image library (development)
libnetpbm10?PNM image library (runtime)
libnettle-devel?A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context (development)
libnettle4_3?Removed package
libnettle4_4?A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context (libnettle runtime)
libnspr-devel?Netscape Portable Runtime library
libnspr4?Netscape Portable Runtime library
libnss-devel?Netscape Network Security Services
libnss3?Netscape Network Security Services
libobjc2?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Objective C and C++ shared runtime
liboggOgg Bitstream Library (Documentation)
libogg-devel?Ogg Bitstream Library (Development)
libogg0?Ogg Bitstream Library (Runtime)
libonig-devel?Oniguruma regular expressions library - devel
libonig2?Oniguruma regular expressions library - runtime
libopencdk-devel?Open Crypto Development Kit - (development)
libopencdk10?Open Crypto Development Kit - (runtime)
libopencdk8?OpenCDK runtime
libopenjpeg-devel?JPEG 2000 codec (development)
libopenjpeg1?JPEG 2000 codec (runtime)
libopenldap2?Removed package
libopenldap2_2_7?Removed package
libopenldap2_3_0?Lightweight Directory Access Protocol suite - (runtime)
libopenldap2_4_2?Lightweight Directory Access Protocol suite (runtime)
libopenmpi?Open Message Passing Interface API (C runtime)
libopenmpi-devel?Open Message Passing Interface API (development)
libopenmpicxx1?Open Message Passing Interface API (C++ runtime)
libopenmpif77_1?Open Message Passing Interface API (Fortran 77 runtime)
libopenmpif90_1?Open Message Passing Interface API (Fortran 90 runtime)
libopenmpif90_3?Open Message Passing Interface API (Fortran 90 runtime)
libopenssl098?The OpenSSL runtime environment (compat)
libopenssl100?The OpenSSL runtime environment
libOpenVG-devel?Vector Graphics acceleration library (development)
libOpenVG1?Vector Graphics acceleration library (runtime)
libORBit2-devel?CORBA 2.4 Object Request Broker library
libORBit2_0?CORBA 2.4 Object Request Broker library
liborc0.4-devel?Optimized Inner Loops Resource Compiler
liborc0.4_0?Optimized Inner Loops Resource Compiler
libOSMesa-devel?Mesa Off-Screen rendering library (development)
libOSMesa7?Mesa Off-Screen Rendering library (runtime)
libOSMesa8?Mesa Off_Screen Rendering library (runtime)
libosp-devel?SGML parser library (runtime)
libosp5?SGML parser library (runtime)
libostyle-devel?DSSSL libraries (development)
libostyle1?DSSSL libraries (runtime)
libotp0?Kerberos 5 implementation (OTP library)
libp11-kit-devel?PKCS#11 module library (development)
libp11-kit0?PKCS#11 module library (runtime)
libpango1.0-devel?GNOME text layout and rendering library
libpango1.0_0?GNOME text layout and rendering library
libpangox1.0-devel?Deprecated PangoX library
libpangox1.0_0?Deprecated PangoX library
libpaper?Paper handling library (sources)
libpaper-bin?Paper handling library (utilities)
libpaper-devel?Paper handling library (development)
libpaper1?Paper handling library (runtime)
libparrot-devel?OBSOLETE PKG
libparrot0?OBSOLETE PKG
libpcre-devel?Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library development
libpcre0?Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions library (C runtime)
libpcre1?Perl Compatible Regular Expressions UTF-8 runtime
libpcre16_0?Perl Compatible Regular Expressions UTF-16 runtime
libpcre32_0?Perl Compatible Regular Expressions UTF-32 runtime
libpcrecpp-devel?Obsolete package
libpcrecpp0?Perl Compatible Regular Expressions C++ bindings
libpcreposix0?POSIX regex API using PCRE
libpgtypes1?shared library pgtypes.dll for PostgreSQL 7.4.x
libpgtypes2?shared library pgtypes for PostgreSQL
libphonon-devel?Qt4 multimedia abstraction layer (libdevel)
libphonon4?Qt4 multimedia abstraction layer (runtime)
libpixman1-devel?Low-level pixel manipulation library
libpixman1_0?Low-level pixel manipulation library
libplot-devel?2-D vector graphics export library (C libdevel)
libplot2?2-D vector graphics export library (C runtime)
libplotter-devel?2-D vector graphics export library (C++ libdevel)
libplotter2?2-D vector graphics export library (C++ runtime)
libpngPNG library (docs and demos)
libpng-debuginfo?Debug info for libpng
libpng-devel?PNG library (development)
libpng10?PNG library (1.0 runtime)
libpng10-devel?Removed package
libpng12PNG library (1.2 runtime)
libpng12-devel?[removed] PNG library (1.2 development)
libpng14?PNG library (1.4 runtime)
libpng14-debuginfo?Debug info for libpng14
libpng14-devel?PNG library (1.4 development)
libpng15?PNG library (1.5 runtime)
libpoppler-cpp-devel?PDF rendering library (C++ STL development)
libpoppler-cpp0?PDF rendering library (C++ STL runtime)
libpoppler-devel?PDF rendering library (core development)
libpoppler-glib-devel?PDF rendering library (GObject development)
libpoppler-glib8?PDF rendering library (GObject runtime)
libpoppler-qt4-devel?PDF rendering library (Qt4 development)
libpoppler-qt4_3?PDF rendering library (Qt4 interface)
libpoppler-qt4_4?PDF rendering library (Qt4 runtime)
libpoppler19?PDF rendering library (generic runtime)
libpoppler26?PDF rendering library (core runtime)
libpoppler28?PDF rendering library (core runtime)
libpopt0?Library for parsing cmdline parameters - runtime
libppl?Run time libraries for the Parma Polyhedra Library
libpq-devel?header files for libpq5 (PostgreSQL C client library)
libpq3?PostgreSQL-7.4.x C client library
libpq4?PostgreSQL C client library (8.0)
libpq5?PostgreSQL C client library
libproj-devel?The PROJ Cartographic Projections Software (devel)
libproj0?The PROJ Cartographic Projections Software (runtime)
libproj1?The PROJ Cartographic Projections Software (runtime)
libprotobuf-devel?Google Protocol Buffers library (development)
libprotobuf7?Google Protocol Buffers library (runtime)
libproxy?Proxy configuration management utilities
libproxy-debuginfo?Debug info for libproxy
libproxy-devel?Proxy configuration management library (development)
libproxy0?Proxy configuration management library (runtime)
libproxy1?Proxy configuration management library (runtime)
libproxy1-gnome?Proxy configuration management library (GNOME desktop support)
libproxy1-pacrunner?Proxy configuration management library (PACrunner support)
libpstoedit0?A tool converting PostScript and PDF files into various vector graphic formats - (runtime)
libptexenc-devel?TeX Unicode encoding library (development)
libptexenc1?TeX Unicode encoding library (runtime)
libpth-devel?GNU Pth - The GNU Portable Threads (devel)
libpth20?GNU Pth - The GNU Portable Threads (runtime)
libpthread-stubs?pthread stubs pkg-config metadata
libpulse-devel?PulseAudio client libraries (development)
libpulse-mainloop-glib0?PulseAudio GLib client library
libpulse-simple0?PulseAudio simple client library
libpulse0PulseAudio client library
libqhull-devel?Qhull (convex hull program) - (development)
libqhull_5?Qhull (convex hull program) - (runtime)
libqhull_6?Qhull (convex hull program) - (runtime)
libqrupdate-devel?QRUPDATE development libraries
libqrupdate0?QRUPDATE shared libraries
libqscintilla2-common?Scintilla editor class for Qt4
libqscintilla2-devel?Scintilla editor class for Qt4
libqscintilla2_8?Scintilla editor class for Qt4 (runtime library)
libqscintilla2_9?Scintilla editor class for Qt4
libqt3?C++ GUI application framework (runtime library)
libqt3-devel?C++ GUI application framework (qmake/moc/uic, headers, import libraries)
libQt3Support4?Qt4? Qt3Support library (runtime)
libQt3Support4-devel?Qt4 Qt3Support library (development)
libQtCore4?Qt4 Core library (runtime)
libQtCore4-devel?Qt4 Core library (development)
libQtDBus4?Qt4 DBus library (runtime)
libQtDBus4-devel?Qt4 DBus library (development)
libQtDeclarative4?Qt4 QML library (runtime)
libQtDeclarative4-devel?Qt4 QML library (development)
libQtDesigner4?Qt4 Designer library (runtime)
libQtDesigner4-devel?Qt4 Designer library (development)
libQtGui4?Qt4 Gui library (runtime)
libQtGui4-devel?Qt4 Gui library (development)
libQtHelp4?Qt4 Help library (runtime)
libQtHelp4-devel?Qt4 Help library (development)
libQtMultimedia4?Qt4 Multimedia library (runtime)
libQtMultimedia4-devel?Qt4 Multimedia library (development)
libQtNetwork4?Qt4 Network library (runtime)
libQtNetwork4-devel?Qt4 Network library (development)
libQtOpenGL4?Qt4 OpenGL library (runtime)
libQtOpenGL4-devel?Qt4 OpenGL library (development)
libQtOpenVG4?Qt4 OpenVG library (runtime)
libQtOpenVG4-devel?Qt4 OpenVG library (development)
libQtScript4?Qt4 Script library (runtime)
libQtScript4-devel?Qt4 Script library (development)
libQtScriptTools4?Qt4 Script library (runtime)
libQtScriptTools4-devel?Qt4 ScriptTools? library (development)
libQtSql4?Qt4 Sql library (runtime)
libQtSql4-devel?Qt4]] SQL library (development)
libQtSvg4?Qt4 SVG library (runtime)
libQtSvg4-devel?Qt4 SVG library (development)
libQtTest4?Qt4 Test library (runtime)
libQtTest4-devel?Qt4 Test library (development)
libQtWebKit4?Qt4 Webkit library (runtime)
libQtWebKit4-devel?Qt4 Webkit library (development)
libQtXml4?Qt4 XML library (runtime)
libQtXml4-devel?Qt4? XML library (development)
libQtXmlPatterns4?Qt4? XmlPatterns? library (runtime)
libQtXmlPatterns4-devel?Qt4 XmlPatterns? library (development)
libquota-devel?Quota management library (development)
librarian-devel?Freedesktop documentation metadata system (libdevel)
librarian0?Freedesktop documentation metadata system (library)
librbio-devel?SuiteSparse Bio: toolbox for reading/writing sparse matrices - development
librbio0?SuiteSparse Bio: toolbox for reading/writing sparse matrices - runtime
libreadline5?GNU readline and history libraries (runtime)
libreadline6?GNU readline and history libraries (runtime)
libreadline7?GNU readline and history libraries (runtime)
libRmath?R stand-alone math library (runtime)
libRmath-devel?R stand-alone math library (libdevel)
libroken18?Kerberos 5 implementation (Roken library)
librsvg2?GNOME Scalable Vector Graphics library
librsvg2-debuginfo?Debug info for librsvg2
librsvg2-devel?GNOME Scalable Vector Graphics library (development)
librsvg2_2?GNOME Scalable Vector Graphics library (runtime)
librsync-devel?Free software library that implements the rsync remote-delta algorithm. (devel)
librsync1?Free software library that implements the rsync remote-delta algorithm. (runtime)
libsamplerate?Sample rate converter library (program, documentation)
libsamplerate-devel?Sample rate converter library (development)
libsamplerate0?Sample rate converter library (runtime)
libsasl2?The Cyrus SASL API implementation. (Runtime library and Daemon)
libsasl2-devel?The Cyrus SASL API implementation. (Development files)
libsasl2-ldap?The Cyrus SASL API implementation. (LDAP Plugin)
libsasl2-sql?The Cyrus SASL API implementation. (SQL Plugin)
libsecret-bin?GObject secrets client library
libsecret1?GObject secrets client library
libsecret1-debuginfo?Debug info for libsecret1
libsecret1-devel?GObject secrets client library
libsecret1_0?GObject secrets client library
libserf0-devel?High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library (Development)
libserf0_0?High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library (Runtime and Docs)
libserf0_1?High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library (Runtime and Docs)
libserf1-devel?High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library (Development)
libserf1_0?High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library (Runtime and Docs)
libshout?Icecast streaming media client library
libshout-debuginfo?Debug info for libshout
libshout-devel?Icecast streaming media client library
libshout3?Icecast streaming media client library
libsigc2.0?Callback Framework for C++ (licensing & readmes)
libsigc2.0-devel?Callback Framework for C++ (development)
libsigc2.0-doc?Callback Framework for C++ (documentation)
libsigc2.0_0?Callback Framework for C++ (runtime)
libsigsegv?Handling page faults in user mode - Library
libsigsegv0?Handling page faults in user mode - runtime
libsigsegv1?Handling page faults in user mode - runtime
libsigsegv2?Handling page faults in user mode - runtime
libsl0?Kerberos 5 implementation (sl library)
libslang-devel?S-Lang interpreter library (devel)
libslang2?S-Lang interpreter library (runtime)
libSM?X.Org Session Management Library (source)
libSM-devel?X.Org Session Management Library (development)
libSM6?X.Org Session Management Library (runtime)
libsmi?A library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions - (utilities)
libsmi-devel?A library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions - (development)
libsmi2?A library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions - (runtime)
libsndfileSampled audio data library (utilities)
libsndfile-devel?Sampled audio data library (development)
libsndfile1?Sampled audio data library (runtime)
libsoup-gnome2.4-devel?GNOME HTTP library
libsoup-gnome2.4_1?GNOME HTTP library
libsoup2.4?GNOME HTTP library
libsoup2.4-debuginfo?Debug info for libsoup2.4
libsoup2.4-devel?GNOME HTTP library
libsoup2.4_1?GNOME HTTP library
libsource-highlight-common?Syntax highlighting library (runtime data)
libsource-highlight-devel?Syntax highlighting library (development)
libsource-highlight4?Syntax highlighting library (runtime)
libsox-devel?Sound processing toolkit (development)
libsox1?Sound processing tool (runtime lib)
libsox2?Sound processing toolkit (runtime library)
libspeex1?An open-source, patent-free speech codec (Runtime)
libspqr-devel?SuiteSparse QR: multithreaded multifrontal sparse QR factorization - development
libspqr0?SuiteSparse QR: multithreaded multifrontal sparse QR factorization - runtime
libsqlite3-devel?An embeddable SQL database engine (3.x development)
libsqlite3_0?An embeddable SQL database engine (3.x runtime)
libss-devel?Subsystem command parsing library (development)
libss2?Subsystem command parsing library (runtime)
libssh2?SSH2 protocol library (sources)
libssh2-devel?SSH2 protocol library (development)
libssh2_1?SSH2 protocol library (runtime)
libssp0?GCC Release series 4 compiler: Static Stack Protection shared runtime
libstartup-notification1-devel?X11 program startup notification library
libstartup-notification1_0?X11 program startup notification library
libstdc++6GCC Release series 4 compiler: C++ Standard Library shared runtime
libstdc++6-devel?GCC Release series 4 compiler: C++ Standard Library static/import link libs
libSuiteSparse-devel?SuiteSparse - (development)
libsuitesparseconfig-devel?SuiteSparse common configuration - development
libsuitesparseconfig0?SuiteSparse common configuration - runtime
libsybdb-devel?Libraries to connect to MS-SQL and Sybase databases (development)
libsybdb5?Libraries to connect to MS-SQL and Sybase databases (Sybase lib)
libtag-devel?Audio metadata library (C++ development)
libtag1?Audio metadata library (C++ runtime)
libtag_c-devel?Audio metadata library (C bindings development)
libtag_c0?Audio metadata library (C bindings runtime)
libtasn1?Tiny ASN.1 library (utilities)
libtasn1-debuginfo?Debug info for libtasn1
libtasn1-devel?Tiny ASN.1 library (development)
libtasn1_3?Tiny ASN.1 library (runtime)
libtasn1_6?Tiny ASN.1 library (runtime)
libtdb-devel?Trivial Database library (development)
libtdb1?Trivial Database library (runtime)
libtextcat?Text Classification Library (language guessing in C)
libtextcat-devel?Helper, header and library for libtextcat
libtextcat0?Text Classification Library dll
libthai?Thai language support library (sources)
libthai-devel?Thai language support library (development)
libthai0?Thai language support library (runtime)
libtheora?Xiph.Org Theora video codec (documentation)
libtheora-devel?Xiph.Org Theora video codec (development)
libtheora0?Xiph.Org Theora video codec (unified runtime)
libtheoradec1?Xiph.Org Theora video codec (decoder runtime)
libtheoraenc1?Xiph.Org Theora video codec (encoder runtime)
libtidy-devel?HTML pretty printer (library development)
libtidy0_99_0?HTML pretty printer (library runtime)
libtiff-devel?TIFF image library (development)
libtiff3?A library for manipulating TIFF format image files (runtime)
libtiff4?A library for manipulating TIFF format image files (runtime)
libtiff5?TIFF image library (runtime)
libtiff6?TIFF image library (runtime)
libtiffxx-devel?removed package
libtiffxx5?removed package
libtirpc?A port of Sun's Transport-Independent RPC library (doc)
libtirpc-devel?A port of Sun's Transport-Independent RPC library (devel)
libtirpc1?A port of Sun's Transport-Independent RPC library (runtime)
libtoolA shared library generation tool
libtorrentBitTorrent library written in C++ (licensing & readmes)
libtorrent-devel?BitTorrent library written in C++ (development)
libtorrent11?BitTorrent library written in C++ (runtime)
libtorrent14?BitTorrent library written in C++ (runtime)
libudunits-devel?UDUNITS-2 development libraries
libudunits0?UDUNITS-2 dynamic library
libumfpack-devel?SuiteSparse UMFPACK: sparse multifrontal LU factorization - development
libumfpack0?SuiteSparse UMFPACK: sparse multifrontal LU factorization - runtime
libungif?Uncompressed GIF file manipulation library (source)
libungif-devel?Uncompressed GIF file manipulation library (development)
libungif4?Uncompressed GIF file manipulation library (runtime)
libunistring?Library for manipulating Unicode strings - development.
libunistring-devel?Library for manipulating Unicode strings - development.
libunistring-doc?Library for manipulating Unicode strings - documentation.
libunistring0?Library for manipulating Unicode strings - runtime.
libusb-win32USB programming library
libusb1.0?USB programming library
libusb1.0-devel?USB programming library (development files)
libustr?Micro string library
libustr-devel?Micro string library (devel)
libustr1?Micro string library (runtime)
libuuid-devel?Universally Unique ID library (development)
libuuid1?Universally Unique ID library (runtime)
libvala0.14-devel?Vala parser library (development)
libvala0.14_0?Vala parser library (runtime)
libvala0.16-devel?Vala parser library (development)
libvala0.16_0?Vala parser library (runtime)
libvala0.18-devel?Compiler for the GObject type system
libvala0.18_0?Compiler for the GObject type system
libvorbis?The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec (Documentation)
libvorbis-devel?The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec (Development)
libvorbis0?The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec (Runtime)
libvorbisenc2?The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec (Encoding Layer Runtime)
libvorbisfile3?The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec (High-Level Runtime)
libvpxWebM VP8 video codec (utilities)
libvpx-debuginfo?Debug info for libvpx
libvpx-devel?WebM VP8 video codec (development)
libvpx1?WebM VP8 video codec (runtime)
libwavpack-devel?Hybrid lossless audio codec (development)
libwavpack1?Hybrid lossless audio codec (runtime library)
libwebrtc-audio-processing-devel?Web Real-Time Communication Audio Processing library (development)
libwebrtc-audio-processing0?Web Real-Time Communication Audio Processing library (runtime)
libwind0?Kerberos 5 implementation (wind library)
libWindowsWM?X.Org Windows rootless window manager extension library (source)
libWindowsWM-devel?X.Org Windows rootless window manager extension library (development)
libWindowsWM7?X.Org Windows rootless window manager extension library (runtime)
libWINGs-devel?Window Maker widget set library (development)
libWINGs2?Window Maker widget set library (runtime)
libWMaker-devel?Window Maker interface library (development)
libWMaker1?Window Maker interface library (runtime)
libwmf?Windows Metafile library (utilities)
libwmf-debuginfo?Debug info for libwmf
libwmf-devel?Windows Metafile library (development)
libwmf-doc?Windows Metafile library (documentation)
libwmf027?Windows Metafile library (runtime)
libwnck?GNOME Window Navigation Construction Kit
libwnck-debuginfo?Debug info for libwnck
libwnck-devel?Obsolete package
libwnck-doc?Obsolete package
libwnck1-devel?GNOME Window Navigation Construction Kit
libwnck1_22?GNOME Window Navigation Construction Kit
libwrap-devel?Host-based access restrictions on tcp services (development)
libwrap0?Host-based access restrictions on tcp services (runtime)
libwraster-devel?Window Maker rasterizer library (runtime)
libwraster3?Window Maker rasterizer library (runtime)
libX11X.Org X11 core library (source)
libX11-develX.Org X11 core library (development)
libX11-xcb-devel?X.Org X11 core library (XCB development)
libX11-xcb1?X.Org X11 core library (XCB runtime)
libX11_6?X.Org X11 core library (runtime)
libXau?X.Org Xauthority library (source)
libXau-devel?X.Org Xauthority library (development)
libXau6?X.Org Xauthority library (runtime)
libXaw?X.Org Athena Widgets library (source)
libXaw-devel?X.Org Athena Widgets library (development)
libXaw3d?Three-dimensional Athena widget library (sources)
libXaw3d-devel?Three-dimensional Athena widget library (development)
libXaw3d7?A 3D version of the MIT Athena widget set for X - (runtime)
libXaw3d8?Three-dimensional Athena widget library (runtime)
libXaw6?X.Org Athena Widgets library (API 6 runtime)
libXaw7?X.Org Athena Widgets library (API 7 runtime)
libXaw8?OBSOLETE Xaw8 library
libxcb?X Protocol C-Language Bindings
libxcb-atom-devel?Obsolete package
libxcb-atom1?XCB atom library (runtime)
libxcb-aux-devel?Obsolete package
libxcb-aux0?XCB aux library (runtime)
libxcb-composite-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (composite development)
libxcb-composite0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (composite runtime)
libxcb-damage-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (damage development)
libxcb-damage0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (damage runtime)
libxcb-debuginfo?Debug info for libxcb
libxcb-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (core development)
libxcb-doc?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (API documentation)
libxcb-dpms-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (dpms development)
libxcb-dpms0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (dpms runtime)
libxcb-event-devel?Obsolete package
libxcb-event1?XCB event library (runtime)
libxcb-ewmh-devel?XCB Extended Window Manager Hints library (development)
libxcb-ewmh1?XCB Extended Window Manager Hints library (runtime)
libxcb-ewmh2?XCB Extended Window Manager Hints library (runtime)
libxcb-glx-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (glx development)
libxcb-glx0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (glx runtime)
libxcb-icccm-devel?XCB Inter-Client Communication Conventions library (runtime)
libxcb-icccm1?XCB icccm library (runtime)
libxcb-icccm4?XCB Inter-Client Communication Conventions library (runtime)
libxcb-image-devel?XCB image library
libxcb-image0?XCB image library
libxcb-keysyms-devel?XCB keysyms library
libxcb-keysyms1?XCB keysyms library
libxcb-property-devel?Obsolete package
libxcb-property1?XCB property library (runtime)
libxcb-randr-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (randr development)
libxcb-randr0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (randr runtime)
libxcb-record-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (record development)
libxcb-record0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (record runtime)
libxcb-render-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (render development)
libxcb-render-util-devel?XCB XRender utility library (development)
libxcb-render-util0?XCB XRender utility library (runtime)
libxcb-render0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (render runtime)
libxcb-reply-devel?Obsolete package
libxcb-reply1?XCB reply library (runtime)
libxcb-res-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (res development)
libxcb-res0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (res runtime)
libxcb-screensaver-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (screensaver development)
libxcb-screensaver0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (screensaver runtime)
libxcb-shape-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (shape development)
libxcb-shape0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (shape runtime)
libxcb-shm-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (shm development)
libxcb-shm0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (shm runtime)
libxcb-sync-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (sync development)
libxcb-sync0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (sync runtime)
libxcb-util-devel?XCB utility library
libxcb-util0?XCB utility library (runtime)
libxcb-util1?XCB utility library
libxcb-wm-devel?XCB wm library (development)
libxcb-xfixes-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xfixes development)
libxcb-xfixes0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xfixes runtime)
libxcb-xinerama-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xinerama development)
libxcb-xinerama0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xinerama runtime)
libxcb-xinput-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xinput development)
libxcb-xinput0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xinput runtime)
libxcb-xlib-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xlib libdevel)
libxcb-xlib0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xlib runtime)
libxcb-xtest-devel?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xtest development)
libxcb-xtest0?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (xtest runtime)
libxcb1?X Protocol C-Language Bindings (core runtime)
libXcomposite?X.Org Composite extension library (source)
libXcomposite-devel?X.Org Composite extension library (development)
libXcomposite1?X.Org Composite extension library (runtime)
libXcursor?X.Org Xcursor library (source)
libXcursor-devel?X.Org Xcursor library (development)
libXcursor1?X.Org Xcursor library (runtime)
libxcwm?X11 Compositing Window Manager Library (source)
libxcwm-debuginfo?Debug info for libxcwm
libxcwm-devel?X11 Compositing Window Manager Library (development)
libxcwm0?X11 Compositing Window Manager Library (runtime)
libXdamage?X.Org Xdamage library (source)
libXdamage-devel?X.Org Xdamage library (development)
libXdamage1?X.Org Xdamage library (runtime)
libxdelta2?Computes changes between binary files (runtime).
libXdmcp?X.Org Display Manager Control Protocol library (source)
libXdmcp-devel?X.Org Display Manager Control Protocol library (development)
libXdmcp6?X.Org Display Manager Control Protocol library (runtime)
libxerces-c-devel?(devel) A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
libxerces-c24?Runtime library for a validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
libxerces-c25?Runtime library for a validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
libxerces-c28?(runtime) A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
libxerces-c30?(runtime) A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
libXextX.Org X11 extension library (source)
libXext-devel?X.Org X11 extension library (development)
libXext6?X.Org X11 extension library (runtime)
libXfixes?X.Org Xfixes library (source)
libXfixes-devel?X.Org Xfixes library (development)
libXfixes3?X.Org Xfixes library (runtime)
libXfont?X.Org font library
libXfont-devel?X.Org font library
libXfont1?X.Org font library (runtime)
libXft?X.Org X Freetype library (source)
libXft-devel?X.Org X Freetype library (development)
libXft1?Provides a client-side font API for X applications. (runtime)
libXft2?X.Org X Freetype library (runtime)
libXi?X.Org X Input library (source)
libXi-devel?X.Org X Input library (development)
libXi6?X.Org X Input library (runtime)
libXinerama?X.Org Xinerama library (sources)
libXinerama-devel?X.Org Xinerama library (development)
libXinerama1?X.Org Xinerama library (runtime)
libxkbfile?X.Org X Keyboard file library (source)
libxkbfile-devel?X.Org X Keyboard file library (development)
libxkbfile1?X.Org X Keyboard file library (runtime)
libXm-devel?Motif toolkit (development)
libXm2?Open-source Motif clone (runtime libraries)
libXm4?Motif toolkit (runtime)
libXmHTML0?A widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text (runtime)
libxmi-devel?2-D vector graphics rasterization library (development)
libxmi0?2-D vector graphics rasterization library (runtime)
libxml2GNOME XML library (runtime)
libxml2-debuginfo?Debug info for libxml2
libxml2-devel?GNOME XML library (development)
libxml2-doc?GNOME XML library (API documentation)
libXmu?X.Org miscellaneous utility libraries (source)
libXmu-devel?X.Org miscellaneous utility libraries (development)
libXmu6?X.Org miscellaneous utility libraries (full runtime)
libXmuu1?X.Org miscellaneous utility libraries (mini runtime)
libXp6?OBSOLETE Xprint library
libXpm?X.Org X Pixmap library (source)
libXpm-devel?X.Org X Pixmap library (development)
libXpm-noX?X.Org X Pixmap utilities -- no X required
libXpm-noX-devel?X.Org X Pixmap library -- no X required (development)
libXpm-noX_4?X.Org X Pixmap library -- no X required (runtime)
libXpm4?X.Org X Pixmap library (runtime)
libXrandr?X.Org libXrandr component
libXrandr-debuginfo?Debug info for libXrandr
libXrandr-devel?X.Org libXrandr component
libXrandr2?X.Org libXrandr component
libXrender?X.Org Xrender library (source)
libXrender-devel?X.Org Xrender library (development)
libXrender1?X.Org Xrender library (runtime)
libXres?X.Org XResource library (source)
libXRes-devel?X.Org XResource library (development)
libXRes1?X.Org XResource library (runtime)
libXScrnSaver?X.Org XScreenSaver? library (source)
libxslt?GNOME XSLT library (runtime)
libxslt-debuginfo?Debug info for libxslt
libxslt-devel?GNOME XSLT library (development)
libxslt-doc?GNOME XSLT library (API documentation)
libXss-devel?X.Org XScreenSaver? library (development)
libXss1?X.Org XScreenSaver? library (runtime)
libXt?X.Org X Toolkit library (source)
libXt-devel?X.Org X Toolkit library (development)
libXt6?X.Org X Toolkit library (runtime)
libXtst?X.Org XTest library (source)
libXtst-devel?X.Org XTest library (development)
libXtst6?X.Org XTest library (runtime)
libyaml-devel?YAML 1.1 parser library
libyaml0_2?YAML 1.1 parser library
libzzip-devel?ZIP file library (development)
libzzip0.13?ZIP file library (runtime)
licensecheck?Simple license checker for source files
lighttpda light-weight and flexible webserver
lilypond?A program for printing sheet music - Interpreters
lilypond-doc?A program for printing sheet music - Doc
linklint?A fast link checker and web site maintenance tool
links?Text mode WWW browser
listres?X.Org widget resource lister
llvmLLVM bytecode interpreter and toolchain
llvm-debuginfo?Debug info for llvm
llvm-doc?LLVM documentation
lndir?X.Org recursive directory symlink tool
loginSign on to a system
logiweb?a system for electronic distribution of mathematics
lua?Lua programming language interpreter
luit?Locale support for Unicode virtual terminals
luit-debuginfo?Debug info for luit
lvMultilingual less-like viewer
lynxText-based Web browser
lyx?A latex-based WYSIWYM word processor
lzip?Lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm.
lziprecover?Lziprecover is a data recovery tool for lzip compressed data.
lzma?removed package
lzopVery fast Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer packer
m4GNU implementation of the traditional Unix macro processor.
mairix?Index and search email messages stored in Maildir or MH folders
makeThe GNU version of the 'make' utility
makedepend?X.Org Makefile dependency tool
makepasswd?Generate and encrypt passwords
makeself?Utility to generate self-extractable archives
makestrs?Obsolete package
manMan, apropos and whatis
maradns?Simple security-focused Domain Name Service server
mathomatic?Computer Algebra System
mboxcheck?Mailbox scan utility
mcMidnight Commander visual shell
mcrypt?A replacement for the old crypt command
mcrypt-debuginfo?Debug info for mcrypt
md5deepTools to recursively compute and verify hashsums
mDNSResponder?Bonjour Zeroconf implementation (client app)
mercurial?Python based distributed version control system (DVCS)
mesa?X11 OpenGL implementation
mesa-debuginfo?Debug info for mesa
mesa-demos?OpenGL demos
mesa-demos-debuginfo?Debug info for mesa-demos
mhash?library of hash algorithms
micro-httpd?Extremely small Unix-based HTTP server
mined?Powerful text editor with extensive Unicode and CJK support.
ming?A SWF output library (utilities)
ming-debuginfo?Debug info for ming
mingw-binutils?Binutils for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain
mingw-bzip2?(mingw version) BZip2, a high-quality block-sorting file compressor (doc,util)
mingw-gcc?(mingw) GCC for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain (sources)
mingw-gcc-core?(mingw) GCC for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain
mingw-gcc-fortran?(mingw) GCC gfortran for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain
mingw-gcc-g++(mingw) GCC g++ for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain
mingw-gcc-objc?(mingw) GCC objc and objc++ for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain
mingw-libbz2-devel?(mingw version) BZip2, a high-quality block-sorting file compressor (development)
mingw-libbz2_1?(mingw) of bzip2, a high-quality block-sorting file compressor (runtime)
mingw-libbz2_2?(mingw version) BZip2, a high-quality block-sorting file compressor (runtime)
mingw-libgcrypt?(mingw) A general purpose crypto library based on the code from GnuPG. (tools)
mingw-libgcrypt-devel?(mingw) A general purpose crypto library based on the code from GnuPG - (development)
mingw-libgcrypt11?(mingw) A general purpose crypto library based on the code from GnuPG - (runtime)
mingw-libgpg-error?(mingw) A library that defines common error values for GnuPG. (tools)
mingw-libgpg-error-devel?(mingw) A library that defines common error values for GnuPG. (development)
mingw-libgpg-error0?(mingw) A library that defines common error values for GnuPG. (runtime)
mingw-liblzma-devel?(mingw version) XZ and LZMA compression (development)
mingw-liblzma1?(mingw) XZ and LZMA compression (runtime)
mingw-liblzma5?(mingw version) XZ and LZMA compression (runtime)
mingw-libminizip-devel?(mingw) Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive (development)
mingw-libminizip1?(mingw) Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive (runtime)
mingw-minizip?(mingw) Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive (utilities)
mingw-pthreads?(mingw) libpthread for MinGW.org Win32 toolchain
mingw-runtime?MinGW Runtime
mingw-w32api?(mingw) Win32 API header and library import files
mingw-xz?(mingw version) XZ and LZMA compression (doc,utilities)
mingw-zlib?(mingw) The zlib compression and decompression library (doc)
mingw-zlib-devel?(mingw) The zlib compression and decompression library (development)
mingw-zlib0?(mingw) of the zlib compression/decompression library (runtime)
mingw-zlib1?(mingw) The zlib compression and decompression library (runtime)
mingw64-i686-binutils?Binutils for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-bzip2?libbz2 for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-gcc?GCC for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain (sources)
mingw64-i686-gcc-ada?GCC ada for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-gcc-core?GCC for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-gcc-fortran?GCC gfortran for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-gcc-g++?GCC g++ for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-gcc-objc?GCC objc and objc++ for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-headers?Mingw-w64 headers for Win32 target.
mingw64-i686-libgcrypt?libgcrypt for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-libgpg-error?libgpg-error for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-minizip?minizip for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-pthreads?libpthread for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-runtime?CRT libraries for Win32 target.
mingw64-i686-runtime-debuginfo?Debug info for mingw64-i686-runtime
mingw64-i686-xz?liblzma for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-i686-zlib?zlib for MinGW-w64 Win32 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-binutils?Binutils for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-bzip2?libbz2 for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-gcc?GCC for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain (sources)
mingw64-x86_64-gcc-ada?GCC ada for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core?GCC for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-gcc-fortran?GCC gfortran for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++?GCC g++ for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-gcc-objc?GCC objc and objc++ for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-headers?Mingw-w64 headers for Win64 target.
mingw64-x86_64-libgcrypt?libgcrypt for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-libgpg-error?libgpg-error for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-minizip?minizip for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-pthreads?libpthread for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-runtime?CRT libraries for Win64 target.
mingw64-x86_64-runtime-debuginfo?Debug info for mingw64-x86_64-runtime
mingw64-x86_64-xz?liblzma for Mingw-W64 Win64 toolchain
mingw64-x86_64-zlib?zlib for MinGW-w64 Win64 toolchain
minires?Obsolete package
minizip?Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive (utilities)
minttyTerminal emulator with native Windows look and feel
mkcfm?Xorg CID font matrix summary creator
mkcomposecache?X.Org Compose file cache creator
mkfontdir?X.Org font directory indexer
mkfontscale?X.Org scalable font file indexer
mkisofsCreate ISO filesystem images (symlink to genisoimage)
mkshMirBSD Korn Shell
mksh-debuginfo?Debug info for mksh
mlcscope?Obsolete Lucent version of cscope
mm-common?GNOME C++ bindings build infrastructure
mmv?Move, copy, append and link multiple files with wild cards
monotonefree distributed version control system
mosh?Mobile Shell
mosh-debuginfo?Debug info for mosh
most?Pager program similar to more and less
motif?Motif Window Manager (mwm) and tools
motif-debuginfo?Debug info for motif
mpclib?A library for multiple-precision complex floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
mpfr?A library for multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding
mscgen?A Message Sequence Chart Renderer
msmtpLight SMTP client with support for server profiles
mt?Magnetic Tape manipulation utility
mtd?Utilities for dealing with flash memory technology devices (mtd)
multitail?View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows
multitail-debuginfo?Debug info for multitail
mutt?A text mode mail user agent (MUA).
mysqlMySQL database client apps
mysql-debuginfo?Debug info for mysql
mysql-test?MySQL server testsuite
mysqldMySQL database server
naim?Console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client
nanoA pico clone text editor with extensions
nas?Network Audio System (server and clients)
nasm?The Netwide Assembler
ncReads and writes data across network connections using TCP or UDP
nc6?Netcat with IPv6 Support
ncdu?NCurses Disk Usage
ncftp?An improved FTP client
ncursesUtilities for terminal handling
ncurses-demo?Demonstration programs for ncurses
ncursesw?Utilities for terminal handling
ncursesw-demo?Demonstration programs for ncurses (wide character support)
nedit?Motif multi-purpose text editor
nedit-debuginfo?Debug info for nedit
neonHTTP and WebDAV library - (utilities)
netcat?Old netcat. Install nc package instead
netcdf?NetCDF (network Common Data Form)
netcdf-cxx4?NetCDF (network Common Data Form)
netcdf-debuginfo?Debug info for netcdf
netcdf-fortran?NetCDF (network Common Data Form)
netpbm?Toolkit for manipulation of graphic images
netpbm-debuginfo?Debug info for netpbm
netpbm-doc?Obsolete package
nettle?A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context (utilities)
nettle-debuginfo?Debug info for nettle
newmail?Notificator for incoming mail
nfrotz?A Z-Machine interpretor for text-mode interactive games
nfs-server?Universal NFS server.
ngspice?Ngspice is a mixed-level/mixed-signal circuit simulator
ngspice-debuginfo?Debug info for ngspice
ninvaders?A space invaders-like game using ncurses
nmh?A capable mail handling system with a command line interface
nosleep?Run a command while inhibiting computer sleep or hibernation
nrss?A ncurses-based RSS reader
nspr?Netscape Portable Runtime library
nspr-debuginfo?Debug info for nspr
nssNetscape Network Security Services
nttcp?New test TCP program
Numeric?Numeric Python module
o3read?OBSOLETE PACKAGE: Standalone converter for OpenOffice.org documents
obconf?OpenBox? WM configuration tool
ocaml?The OCaml compiler and runtime (install helper)
ocaml-base?The OCaml compiler and runtime (base system)
ocaml-camlp4?The OCaml compiler and runtime (camlp4)
ocaml-compiler-libs?The OCaml compiler and runtime (compiler libraries)
ocaml-llvm?LLVM library (OCaml bindings)
oclockX.Org round clock
octave?The GNU Octave language for numerical computations
octave-devel?Header files for the GNU Octave language
octave-doc?The GNU Octave. Additional docs in html and pdf
octave-forge?Contributed functions for GNU Octave from http://octave.sourceforge.net
odbc-mysql?ODBC MySQL driver
odbc-psql?ODBC PostgreSQL driver
odbc-sqlite3?ODBC SQLite driver
odbc-tds?ODBC connector for MS-SQL and Sybase databases
odt2txt?Simple converter from OpenDocument? Text to plain text
offlineimap?IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader
ogmtools?Tools for manipulating Ogg multimedia streams
onig?Oniguruma regular expressions library - source
oodiff?Diff program for OpenDocument? files
openboxHighly configurable minimalistic window manager
opencdk?Open Crypto Development Kit
opengl?OpenGL-related libraries
openjadeDSSSL implementation
openjpeg?JPEG 2000 utilities
openjpeg-debuginfo?Debug info for openjpeg
openldap?Lightweight Directory Access Protocol suite (utilities)
openldap-debuginfo?Debug info for openldap
openldap-develLightweight Directory Access Protocol suite (development)
openmpi?Open Message Passing Interface API
openmpi-debuginfo?Debug info for openmpi
OpenSP?SGML parser utilities
opensshThe OpenSSH server and client programs
openssh-debuginfo?Debug info for openssh
opensslThe OpenSSL base environment
openssl-devel?The OpenSSL development environment
optipng?Advanced PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimizer
ORBit2?CORBA 2.4 Object Request Broker library
ORBit2-debuginfo?Debug info for ORBit2
ORBit2-devel?Obsolete package
ORBit2-doc?Obsolete package
orc?Optimized Inner Loops Resource Compiler
orc-debuginfo?Debug info for orc
orpie?Fullscreen RPN calculator for the console
outguessUniversal Steganographic tool for PNM and JPG files
p11-kit?PKCS#11 module lister
p7zipA file archiver with very high compression ratios.
pal?A cal-like calendar with day highlight and support for events
pango?Obsolete package
pango-devel?Obsolete package
pango-doc?Obsolete package
pango-runtime?Obsolete package
pango1.0?GNOME text layout and rendering library
pango1.0-debuginfo?Debug info for pango1.0
pangox-compat?Deprecated PangoX library
pangox-compat-debuginfo?Debug info for pangox-compat
par?a paragraph reformatter, vaguely similar to fmt, but better
parrot?Parrot Virtual Machine
parrot-devel?Parrot Virtual Machine development headers and libraries
parrot-docs?Parrot HTML Documentation
parrot-languages?OBSOLETE PKG
parrot-perl6?OBSOLETE PKG: replaced by rakudo
patchUtility for modifying/upgrading files
patcher?Perl script To manage patches
patchutils?A small collection of programs that operate on patch files
paxPortable Archive Interchange
pbzip2Parallel BZIP2 de/compressor
pcre?Perl Compatible Regular Expressions utilities
pcre-debuginfo?Debug info for pcre
pcre-develObsolete package
pdftk?PDF manipulation without Acrobat.
pdksh?a public domain ksh
perlLarry Wall's Practical Extracting and Report Language
perl-Clone?Perl datatype copying method
perl-Clone-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-Clone
perl-DBD-mysql?Perl bindings for the MySQL client library
perl-DBD-mysql-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-DBD-mysql
perl-DBIPerl Database Interface module
perl-DBI-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-DBI
perl-Error?Perl module for OO error/exception handling
perl-ExtUtils-Depends?Build Perl XS that depend on other XS
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig?Perl module for using pkg-config
perl-Graphics-Magick?GraphicsMagick Perl bind (PerlMagick?)
perl-Image-Magick?Image manipulation software suite (Perl bindings)
perl-IO-Tty?Pseudo TTY object class
perl-IO-Tty-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-IO-Tty
perl-libwin32?Perl extensions for using the Win32 API
perl-libwin32-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-libwin32
perl-Locale-gettext?Perl module for using gettext and libintl
perl-Locale-gettext-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-Locale-gettext
perl-ming?A SWF output library (Perl bindings)
perl-Net-Libproxy?Proxy configuration management library (Perl bindings)
perl-SGMLSpm?Perl SGMLS parser module
perl-Tk?Tk GUI toolkit for Perl
perl-Tk-debuginfo?Debug info for perl-Tk
perl-Win32-GUI?Perl Win32-GUI module
perl-XML-Simple?Perl module for simple XML access
perl_debuginfo?optional debuginfo symbols for debugging stacktraces
perl_manpages?Perl manpages
perl_vendor?Additional vendor modules previously packaged in perl-5.10
phonon?Qt4 multimedia abstraction layer (sources)
phonon-backend-gstreamer?Qt4 multimedia abstraction layer (GStreamer backend)
phonon-backend-gstreamer-debuginfo?Debug info for phonon-backend-gstreamer
pinentry?PIN Entry (main, curses)
pinentry-gtk2?PIN Entry (gtk2)
pinentry-qt3?PIN Entry (qt3)
pinentry-qt4?PIN Entry (qt4)
pinentry-w32?PIN Entry (w32)
pinfo?A lynx-like info and man page viewer
pingA basic network tool to test IP network conectivity
pixman?Low-level pixel manipulation library
pixman-debuginfo?Debug info for pixman
pkg-configA utility used to retrieve information about installed libraries
planet?Flexible RDF, RSS and Atom feed aggregator
ploticus?Command-line plot and graph generator
ploticus-common?Command-line plot and graph generator
ploticus-doc?Command-line plot and graph generator (HTML documentation)
plotutils?2-D scientific data plotting utilities
plotutils-devel?Obsolete package
plotutils-doc?Obsolete package
pngcheck?PNG file format checker
pngcrushOptimize PNG image files
pngquantPNG image optimising utility
poppler?PDF manipulation utilities
poppler-dataPDF rendering library (encoding data)
poppler-debuginfo?Debug info for poppler
popt?Library for parsing cmdline parameters - docs and development
posh?Almost POSIX compliant SHell
postgresql?PostgreSQL Data Base Management System
postgresql-client?front-end programs for PostgreSQL
postgresql-contrib?additional facilities for PostgreSQL
postgresql-devel?development files for PostgreSQL server-side programming
postgresql-doc?documentation for PostgreSQL
postgresql-plperl?PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL
postgresql-plpython?PL/Python procedural language for PostgreSQL
potrace?Utility to transform bitmaps into vector graphics
ppl?The Parma Polyhedra Library
ppl-devel?Compile time libraries and headers for the Parma Polyhedra Library
ppl-doc?Documentation for the Parma Polyhedra Library
pr3287?3287 Printer Emulator
printproto?X.Org XPrint protocol headers
pristine-tar?Regenerate pristine tarballs
procmail?mail processing program
procpsUtilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system.
proftpd?A flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP Server
proj?The PROJ Cartographic Projections Software (utilities)
protobuf?Google Protocol Buffers library (sources)
proxymngr?Xorg proxy manager
pscan?Format string security checker for C files
psmiscUtilities for managing processes on your system
pstoedit?A tool converting PostScript and PDF files into various vector graphic formats
pstoedit-devel?A tool converting PostScript and PDF files into various vector graphic formats - (development)
pstotext?Extract text from PostScript and PDF files
psutils?Obsolete package
pth?GNU Pth - The GNU Portable Threads (doc)
pulseaudioPulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-debuginfo?Debug info for pulseaudio
pure-ftpd?secure production-quality standard-conformant FTP server
pv?a tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipe
pv-debuginfo?Debug info for pv
pwgen?Automatic Password generation
pwget?Downloader utility which resembles wget (implemented in Perl)
pygtk2?Obsolete package
pylintPython static code checker
pythonPython language interpreter
python-argparse?Python command-line argument parser library
python-avahi?mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation (Python bindings)
python-brlapi?braille python bindings
python-caca?Color ASCII art library (Python bindings)
python-cairo?Python bindings to libcairo
python-chardet?Python character encoding detection library
python-clang?C/C++/ObjC compiler library (Python bindings)
python-crypto?Cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python
python-dbus-debuginfo?Debug info for python-dbus
python-debuginfo?Debug info for python
python-doc?Python HTML documentation
python-fastimport?Fastimport parser in python
python-feedparser?Universal Feed Parser for Python
python-gamin?File and directory monitoring system (Python bindings)
python-gdata?Python bindings for Google Data APIs
python-giPython GObject Introspection bindings
python-gi-common?Python GObject Introspection bindings
python-gi-debuginfo?Debug info for python-gi
python-gi-devel?Python GObject Introspection bindings
python-gobject?Python GLib/GObject/GIO bindings (runtime)
python-gobject-devel?Python GLib/GObject/GIO bindings (development)
python-gobject2.0?Obsolete package
python-gobject2.0-devel?Obsolete package
python-gsf?Gnome Structured File Library (Python bindings)
python-gtk2.0?Python bindings for GTK2 and libglade (runtime)
python-gtk2.0-demo?Python bindings for GTK2 and libglade (demo app)
python-gtk2.0-devel?Python bindings for GTK2 and libglade (development)
python-imaging?Python Imaging Library
python-lcms?Little color management engine - (Python bindings)
python-libproxy?Proxy configuration management library (Python bindings)
python-libxml2?GNOME XML library (Python bindings)
python-libxslt?GNOME XSLT library (Python bindings)
python-logilab-astng?Python module to rebuild a abstract syntax tree (AST)
python-logilab-common?Miscellaneous modules used by Logilab projects
python-mako?Python template library
python-markupsafe?Python XML/HTML safe string module
python-markupsafe-debuginfo?Debug info for python-markupsafe
python-ming?A SWF output library (Python bindings)
python-numpy?Python scientific computing module
python-openssl?Python OpenSSL bindings
python-paramiko?Python library for SSH2 connections
python-pyasn1?Python ASN.1 library
python-pygments?Python syntax highlighting module
python-pygtk?PyGTK runtime version selector
python-pyqt4?Python Qt4 bindings
python-pyqt4-debuginfo?Debug info for python-pyqt4
python-pyqt4-qsci?Scintilla editor class for Qt4
python-pyrex?Compile native-code modules for Python from python-like syntax
python-setuptools?Python package management tool
python-sip?Python binding generator
python-sip-debuginfo?Debug info for python-sip
python-tdb?Trivial Database library (Python bindings)
python-test?Python tests
python-tkinter?Python Tkinter GUI module
python-twisted?Python networking engine
python-xdg?Python implementation of freedesktop.org standards
python-zope.interface?Zope interfaces library
python3Py3K language interpreter
python3-caca?Color ASCII art library (Py3K bindings)
python3-cairo?Py3K libcairo bindings
python3-cairo-debuginfo?Debug info for python3-cairo
python3-cairo-devel?Py3K libcairo bindings (development files)
python3-chardet?Py3K character encoding detection library
python3-clang?C/C++/ObjC compiler library (Py3K bindings)
python3-dbus-debuginfo?Debug info for python3-dbus
python3-debuginfo?Debug info for python3
python3-doc?Py3K HTML documentation
python3-giPython GObject Introspection bindings
python3-libproxy?Proxy configuration management library (Python3 bindings)
python3-mako?Py3K template library
python3-markupsafe?Py3K XML/HTML safe string module
python3-markupsafe-debuginfo?Debug info for python3-markupsafe
python3-numpyPy3K scientific computing module
python3-numpy-debuginfo?Debug info for python3-numpy
python3-pygments?Py3K syntax highlighting module
python3-pyqt4?Python Qt4 bindings
python3-pyqt4-debuginfo?Debug info for python3-pyqt4
python3-pyqt4-qsci?Scintilla editor class for Qt4
python3-setuptoolsPy3K package management tool
python3-sip?Py3K binding generator
python3-sip-debuginfo?Debug info for python3-sip
python3-test?Py3K tests
python3-tkinter?Py3K Tkinter GUI module
python3-xdg?Py3K implementation of freedesktop.org standards
qhull?Qhull is a general dimension convex hull program
qiv?Quick image viewer for X
qrupdate?QRUPDATE is a library for fast updating of QR and CHOLESKY decompositions
qscintilla2?Scintilla editor class for Qt4
qscintilla2-debuginfo?Debug info for qscintilla2
qsf?Lightweight statistical spam filter
qt3?C++ GUI application framework (sources)
qt3-bin?Obsolete package
qt3-devel?Obsolete package
qt3-devel-tools?C++ GUI application framework (Assistant, Designer, Linguist)
qt3-doc?C++ GUI application framework (documentation)
qt3-qtconfig?C++ GUI application framework (QtConfig?)
qt4?Qt C++ application framework
qt4-devel-tools?Qt4 Assistant, Designer, and Linguist
qt4-doc?Qt4 API documentation
qt4-qtconfig?Qt4 desktop configuration app
qt4-qtdemo?Qt4 demos and examples
quiltTool to work with series of patches
RStatistical computing language
rakudo?Perl 6 compiler for Parrot, called Rakudo Perl 6
rakudo-star?Rakudo modules, plus docs and tools
randrproto?X.Org XRandR extension headers
rarian?Freedesktop documentation metadata system
rats?Rough Auditing Tool for Security
rbio?SuiteSparse Bio: toolbox for reading/writing sparse matrices - empty source only
rbio-debuginfo?Debug info for rbio
rc?An implementation of the AT&T Plan 9 shell
rcs?The Revision Control System
rcs-debuginfo?Debug info for rcs
rdiff?Compute and apply signature-based file differences
rdiff-backupBacks up one directory to another, possibly over a network.
rdtool?RD document formatter
readlineGNU readline and history libraries
readpst?Convert Outlook PST files to mbox and others
rebaseutilities for rebasing DLLs to load at alternate addresses
recordproto?X.Org XRecord extension headers
renameutils?Programs to make file renaming easier
renattach?Filter to rename or delete dangerous e-mail attachments
rendercheck?X.Org Xrender test utility
renderproto?X.Org XRender extension headers
resourceproto?X.Org XRes extension headers
rgb?X.Org RGB color-name database and utility
rlwrap?Wrapper for GNU readline
robodoc?API documentation generator
robots?Fight against maniac robots
rpcgen?An RPC protocol code generator
rpma package management system
rpm-buildScripts and executable programs used to build RPM packages
rpm-doc?RPM package management system manual pages
rsh?Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp, rexec)
rsh-server?Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp, rexec)
rsnapshotRsync based local and remote filesystem snapshot utility
rstart?X.Org Remote Start client and daemon
rsvg?SVG converter and viewer
rsyncFast remote file transfer program (can use existing data to minimize transfer)
rtf2html-htdig?Utility to convert RTF files into simple HTML files
rtorrent?ncurses based bittorrent client
rubyInterpreted object-oriented scripting language
ruby-bigdecimal?Ruby bigdecimal module
ruby-caca?Color ASCII art library (Ruby bindings)
ruby-debuginfo?Debug info for ruby
ruby-doc?Interpreted object-oriented scripting language
ruby-io-console?Ruby io-console module
ruby-json?Ruby json module
ruby-minitest?Ruby minitest module
ruby-rake?Ruby rake module
ruby-rdoc?Ruby rdoc module
ruby-tcltk?Ruby Tcl/Tk interface
runstart console programs with hidden console
run2?An enhanced version of the 'run' application launcher
rxp?Simple validating XML parser
rxvtVT102 terminal emulator for both X and Windows
rxvt-unicode-common?An improved version of rxvt requiring an Xserver.
rxvt-unicode-X?An improved version of rxvt requiring an Xserver.
rxvt-unicode-X-debuginfo?Debug info for rxvt-unicode-X
rzip?Compression program to use long distance redundancies in files
s3270?3270 Emulator (Scripted)
screenRun separate screens on a single terminal
scrnsaverproto?X.Org XScrnSaver? extension headers
scsh?Open-source Unix shell embedded within Scheme
sedThe GNU sed stream editor
sendxmpp?Commandline XMPP (jabber) utility
serf?High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library (Source)
sessreg?X.Org xdm session register utility
setxkbmapX.Org keyboard settings utility
sgml-common?Basic SGML and XML entities and tools
sgrep?Search indexed text regions like SGML,XML and HTML files
shared-mime-info?Shared MIME info database
sharutils?The GNU shar utilities including uuencode/uudecode.
shed?A simple hex editor with a nano-style interface
shutdownShutdown, reboot, hibernate or suspend the machine
sic?Simple irc client
signify?Automatic, semi-random .signature rotator/generator
since?Tail work-alike that saves and uses state information
singular-base?A computer algebra system for polynomial calculations (executeables)
singular-help?A computer algebra system for polynomial calculations (HTML Help, info)
singular-icons?A computer algebra system for polynomial calculations (icons on desktop and start menu)
singular-share?A computer algebra system for polynomial calculations (Libraries, emacs interface, Legal notices)
singular-surf?Compiled surf program. Can display varieties up to dimension 2. (installed in singular)
slang?S-Lang interpreter library (source)
slrn?slrn ('S-Lang read news') is a newsreader
slsh?S-Lang shell
smartmontoolsControl and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.
smartmontools-debuginfo?Debug info for smartmontools
smproxy?X.Org Session Manager proxy
sng?Markup language and compiler/decompiler for PNG
snownews?Text mode RSS/RDF newsreader
socatBidirectional data transfer relay
sound-theme-freedesktop?Freedesktop.org sound theme
source-highlight?Syntax highlighting utilities
source-highlight-debuginfo?Debug info for source-highlight
soxSound processing toolkit
sox-debuginfo?Debug info for sox
sox-fmt-ao?Sound processing toolkit (ao plugin)
sox-fmt-flac?Sound processing toolkit (flac plugin)
sox-fmt-pulseaudio?Sound processing toolkit (pulseaudio plugin)
sox-fmt-wavpack?Sound processing toolkit (wavpack plugin)
spambayes?Python-based spam filter using statistical analysis
spamoracle?Ocaml based Bayesian spam filter
spamprobe?Obsolete package: Bayesian spam filter
speex?An open-source, patent-free speech codec
speex-devel?An open-source, patent-free speech codec (Development)
splint?Check C programs for security vulnerabilities and programming mistakes.
spqr?SuiteSparse QR: multithreaded multifrontal sparse QR factorization - empty source only
spqr-debuginfo?Debug info for spqr
sqlite3An embeddable SQL database engine (3.x apps and docs)
sqlite3-debuginfo?Debug info for sqlite3
squid?Web Proxy Cache
ssmtp?A minimal mail-transfer agent which forwards mail to an SMTP server
startup-notification?X11 program startup notification library
startup-notification-debuginfo?Debug info for startup-notification
startup-notification-devel?Obsolete package
steghide?A steganography hiding tool
stgit?Quilt functionality on top of git
stow?Manage local software installations
stunnel?Universal SSL Wrapper
stunnel-debuginfo?Universal SSL Wrapper
subversion?A version control system
subversion-apache2?A version control system (Apache 2 modules)
subversion-debuginfo?Debug info for subversion
subversion-devel?A version control system (C headers and import libraries)
subversion-gnome?A version control system (GNOME keyring plugin)
subversion-perl?A version control system (perl bindings)
subversion-python?A version control system (python bindings)
subversion-ruby?A version control system (ruby bindings)
subversion-toolsA version control system (miscellaneous tools)
suck?Small newsfeed from an NNTP server with standard NNTP commands
sudoku?Console based sudoku
suite3270?3270? Emulator Suite
suitesparseconfig?SuiteSparse common configuration - empty source only
suitesparseconfig-debuginfo?Debug info for suitesparseconfig
sunrpc?Sun RPC (ONC/RPC) utilities
svn-load?An enhanced import facility for Subversion
SWI-PrologProlog Interpreter
swig?C/C++ wrapper generator
swig-debuginfo?Debug info for swig
sxpm?X.Org X Pixmap utilities
symlinks?Scan and change symbolic links
syslog-ng?Next generation system logging daemon
sysvinitA System-V Init Clone
t1lib?Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts - (utilities)
t1lib-devel?Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts - (development)
t1lib-x11?Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts - (X11 test program)
t1lib5?Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts - (runtime)
t1libx-devel?Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts - (development - X-wrapper)
t1libx5?Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts - (runtime - X11 support)
tack?Utility for creating and verifying terminfo descriptions
taglib?Audio metadata library
taglib-debuginfo?Debug info for taglib
tailor?Migrate changesets between version control systems
tarA GNU file archiving program
tar-debuginfo?Debug info for tar
task?A command-line to do list manager
tcl?Tool Command Language
tcl-brlapi?braille tcl bindings
tcl-db3.1?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.1 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db3.3?Oracle Berkeley DB (db3.3 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.0?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.0 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.1?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.1 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.2?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.2 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.3?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.3 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.4?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.4 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.5?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.5 - Tcl interface)
tcl-db4.8?Oracle Berkeley DB (db4.8 - Tcl interface)
tcl-itcl?Object-Oriented extensions for Tcl
tcl-itcl-debuginfo?Debug info for tcl-itcl
tcl-itk?Object-Oriented extensions for Tk
tcl-itk-debuginfo?Debug info for tcl-itk
tcl-iwidgets?Tcl/Tk widget set
tcl-ming?A SWF output library (Tcl bindings)
tcl-tix?Tk Interface eXtension
tcl-tk?Tcl X11 toolkit
tcl3270?3270? Emulator (Tcl)
tcltk?Obsolete package
tcm?Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM)
tcm-debuginfo?Debug info for tcm
tcp_wrappers?Tools providing host-based access restrictions on tcp services
tcshTENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh
tdb?Trivial Database utilities
tdb-debuginfo?Debug info for tdb
ted?An easy rich text processor
ted-debuginfo?Debug info for ted
termcap?Old-style database for terminal handling
terminfoDatabase for ncurses-style terminal handling
terminfo-extra?Additional database entries for ncurses-style terminal handling
terminfo0?(libncurses8-compat) database for ncurses-style terminal handling
terminfo0-extra?(libncurses8-compat) additional database entries
tesseract-ocr?Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine
tesseract-ocr-deu?German language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-deu-f?German Fraktur language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-devel?Headers and static libraries for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-eng?English language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-fra?French language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-ita?Italian language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-nld?Dutch language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-por?Brasilian Portuguese language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-spa?Spanish language files for tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr-vie?Vietnamese language files for tesseract-ocr
tetex?Obsolete package
tetex-base?Obsolete package
tetex-bin?Obsolete package
tetex-devel?Obsolete package
tetex-doc?Obsolete package
tetex-extra?Obsolete package
tetex-tiny?Obsolete package
tetex-x11?Obsolete package
texi2html?A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator
texinfoDocumentation system for on-line information and printed output
texlive?TeX Live binaries
texlive-collection-basic?TeX Live basic packages
texlive-collection-basic-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-basic
texlive-collection-bibtexextra?TeX Live extra BibTeX packages
texlive-collection-bibtexextra-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-bibtexextra
texlive-collection-binextra?TeX Live additional commands
texlive-collection-binextra-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-binextra
texlive-collection-context?TeX Live ConTeXt? packages
texlive-collection-context-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-context
texlive-collection-documentation-arabic?TeX Live Arabic documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-base?TeX Live common documentation files
texlive-collection-documentation-bulgarian?TeX Live Bulgarian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-chinese?TeX Live Chinese documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-czechslovak?TeX Live Czech and Slovak documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-dutch?TeX Live Dutch documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-english?TeX Live English documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-finnish?TeX Live Finnish documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-french?TeX Live French documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-german?TeX Live German documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-italian?TeX Live Italian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-japanese?TeX Live Japanese documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-korean?TeX Live Korean documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-mongolian?TeX Live Mongolian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-polish?TeX Live Polish documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-portuguese?TeX Live Portuguese documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-russian?TeX Live Russian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-serbian?TeX Live Serbian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-slovenian?TeX Live Slovenian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-spanish?TeX Live Spanish documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-thai?TeX Live Thai documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-turkish?TeX Live Turkish documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-ukrainian?TeX Live Ukrainian documentation
texlive-collection-documentation-vietnamese?TeX Live Vietnamese documentation
texlive-collection-fontsextra?TeX Live extra fonts
texlive-collection-fontsextra-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-fontsextra
texlive-collection-fontsrecommended?TeX Live recommended fonts
texlive-collection-fontsrecommended-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-fontsrecommended
texlive-collection-fontutils?TeX Live font utilities
texlive-collection-fontutils-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-fontutils
texlive-collection-formatsextra?TeX Live support for miscellaneous other formats
texlive-collection-games?TeX Live support for typesetting games
texlive-collection-genericextra?TeX Live extra generic packages
texlive-collection-genericextra-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-genericextra
texlive-collection-genericrecommended?TeX Live recommended generic packages
texlive-collection-genericrecommended-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-genericrecommended
texlive-collection-htmlxml?TeX Live HTML/SGML/XML packages
texlive-collection-humanities?TeX Live packages for law, linguistics, and humanities
texlive-collection-humanities-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-humanities
texlive-collection-langafrican?TeX Live African language support
texlive-collection-langarabic?TeX Live Arabic language support
texlive-collection-langcjk?TeX Live Chinese/Japanese/Korean language support
texlive-collection-langcroatian?TeX Live Croatian language support
texlive-collection-langcyrillic?TeX Live Cyrillic language support
texlive-collection-langczechslovak?TeX Live Czech and Slovak language support
texlive-collection-langfinnish?TeX Live Finnish language support
texlive-collection-langfrench?TeX Live French language support
texlive-collection-langgerman?TeX Live German language support
texlive-collection-langgreek?TeX Live Greek language support
texlive-collection-langhebrew?TeX Live Hebrew language support
texlive-collection-langhungarian?TeX Live Hungarian language support
texlive-collection-langindic?TeX Live Indic language support
texlive-collection-langitalian?TeX Live Italian language support
texlive-collection-langlithuanian?TeX Live Lithuanian language support
texlive-collection-langmongolian?TeX Live Mongolian language support
texlive-collection-langpolish?TeX Live Polish language support
texlive-collection-langportuguese?TeX Live Portuguese language support
texlive-collection-langspanish?TeX Live Spanish language support
texlive-collection-langswedish?TeX Live Swedish language support
texlive-collection-langtibetan?TeX Live Tibetan language support
texlive-collection-langturkmen?TeX Live Turkmen language support
texlive-collection-langvietnamese?TeX Live Vietnamese language support
texlive-collection-latex?TeX Live core LaTeX support
texlive-collection-latex-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-latex
texlive-collection-latexextra?TeX Live extra LaTeX packages
texlive-collection-latexextra-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-latexextra
texlive-collection-latexrecommended?TeX Live recommended LaTeX packages
texlive-collection-latexrecommended-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-latexrecommended
texlive-collection-luatex?TeX Live LuaTeX packages
texlive-collection-luatex-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-luatex
texlive-collection-mathextra?TeX Live extra math typesetting packages
texlive-collection-mathextra-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-mathextra
texlive-collection-metapost?TeX Live MetaPost? packages
texlive-collection-metapost-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-metapost
texlive-collection-music?TeX Live music typesetting support
texlive-collection-music-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-music
texlive-collection-omega?TeX Live Omega packages
texlive-collection-pictures?TeX Live graphics packages
texlive-collection-pictures-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-pictures
texlive-collection-plainextra?TeX Live extra plain TeX packages
texlive-collection-pstricks?TeX Live PSTricks packages
texlive-collection-pstricks-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-pstrics
texlive-collection-publishers?TeX Live publishers package collection
texlive-collection-publishers-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-publishers
texlive-collection-science?TeX Live science typesetting packages
texlive-collection-science-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-science
texlive-collection-texinfo?TeX Live Texinfo macros
texlive-collection-xetex?TeX Live XeTeX? macros
texlive-collection-xetex-doc?Documentation for texlive-collection-xetex
TeXmacs?WYSIWYG editor for science and math
TeXmacs-debuginfo?Debug info for TeXmacs?
tftpExtended version of the BSD TFTP (client)
tftp-server?Extended version of the BSD TFTP (server)
tic0?Utility for maintaining the (old) terminfo0 database
tidy?HTML pretty printer (executables)
tiff?TIFF image library (utilities)
tiff-debuginfo?Debug info for tiff
tiff-doc?TIFF image library (API documentation)
tiff-opengl?TIFF image library (OpenGL utilities)
tigCurses based git repository browser
timeThe GNU time command
tin?A News Reader
tinyirc?A tiny IRC client with all the basic features
tirc?Token's irc client
tnef?Unpacks MS-TNEF email attachments
tnftp?Enhanced ftp client
transfig?Tools for creating TeX documents with graphics
transfig-debuginfo?Debug info for transfig
transset?Sets window opacity
treeDisplay graphical directory tree
ttcpNetwork benchmarking tool
twmX.Org Tiny Window Manager
txt2regex?A Regular Expression wizard, all written with bash2 builtins
typespeed?Test your typing speed, and get your fingers' CPS
tzcode?The time zone package
tzcode-debuginfo?Debug info for tzcode
ucl?A portable, lossless data compression library
ucspi-tcp?Command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications
udunits?UDUNITS-2 package provides support for units of physical quantities
umfpack?SuiteSparse UMFPACK: sparse multifrontal LU factorization - empty source only
umfpack-debuginfo?Debug info for umfpack
unace?Extract, test and view *.ace archives
unalz?Utility to decompress alzip format file
unifdef?Remove #ifdef lines from source files
unison2.27?Synchronize collections of files on different hosts (text interface)
unison2.32?Synchronize collections of files on different hosts (text interface)
unison2.40?Synchronize collections of files on different hosts (text interface)
unison2.45?Synchronize collections of files on different hosts (text interface)
units?Converts between different systems of units
unrtf?RTF to other formats converter
untex?Remove LaTeX commands from input
unzipInfo-ZIP decompression utility
upx?A free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer
urlgrabber?Python based URL grabber
util-linuxRandom collection of Linux utilities
util-linux-debuginfo?Debug info for util-linux
uw-imap?UW IMAP Toolkit
uw-imap-imapd?UW IMAP Servers
uw-imap-util?UW IMAP Utilities
vala?Compiler for the GObject type system
vala-dconf?GNOME configuration system client library (Vala bindings)
vala-debuginfo?Debug info for Vala
vala-gnome-keyring1?GNOME Desktop password management client library
vala-libcanberra?XDG Sound Theme library (Vala bindings)
vala-libcanberra-gtk?Obsolete package
vala-libproxy1.0?Proxy configuration management library (Vala bindings)
vala-libpulse?PulseAudio client libraries (Vala bindings)
vala-libsecret1?GObject secrets client library
varnish?Varnish Cache HTTP accelerator
vfu?A mc-like versatile text-based filemanager
viewres?X.Org Athena widget viewer
vimVi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
vim-common?Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor (common runtime)
vim-debuginfo?Debug info for vim
vorbis-toolsSeveral Ogg Vorbis Tools
w32apiWin32 API header and library import files (Meta)
w32api-headers?Windows API headers
w32api-runtime?Windows API import libraries
w3mtext-based web browser and pager
w3m-debuginfo?Debug info
w3m-img?text-based web browser and pager - inline image support for X
wavpack?Hybrid lossless audio codec (utilities)
wcd?Wherever Change Directory with wildcards
wdiff?Compare two files word by word
webcheck?Website link and structure checker
webrtc-audio-processing?Web Real-Time Communication Audio Processing library
webrtc-audio-processing-debuginfo?Debug info for webrtc-audio-processing
wgetUtility to retrieve files from the WWW via HTTP and FTP
whichPrints out full path of executables
whois?GNU Whois
wiggle?A program for applying patches with conflicting changes
WindowMaker?GNUstep window manager
WindowMaker-debuginfo?Debug info for WindowMaker?
windowswmproto?X.Org WindowsWM extension headers
wodim?Command line CD/DVD writing tool
WordNetAn online lexical reference system
wput?A tiny wget-like ftp-client for uploading files
wtf?translates acronyms and filename suffixes for you
X-start-menu-icons?Start menu icons for Cygwin/X programs
X-startup-scripts?Obsolete package
x11perfX.Org X11 server performance tester
x3270?3270 Emulator (X-Windows)
xauth?X.Org X Authority file utility
Xaw3d?A 3D version of the MIT Athena widget set for X - (source)
xbiff?X.Org mailbox checker
xbitmaps?X.Org bitmap sources
xbrlapi?X11 manager for BrlAPI protocol
xcalc?X.Org calculator
xcb-proto?X Protocol C-Language Binding protocol descriptions
xcb-util?XCB utility library
xcb-util-debuginfo?Debug info for xcb-util
xcb-util-image?XCB image library
xcb-util-image-debuginfo?Debug info for xcb-util-image
xcb-util-keysyms?XCB keysyms library
xcb-util-keysyms-debuginfo?Debug info for xcb-util-keysyms
xcb-util-renderutil?XCB XRender utility library (sources)
xcb-util-wm?XCB window manager libraries
xcb-util-wm-debuginfo?Debug info for xcb-util-wm
xclipCommand line clipboard grabber
xclipboard?X.Org X clipboard client
xclock?X.Org clock
xcmiscproto?X.Org XC-Misc extension headers
xcmsdb?X.Org X CMS Device Color Characterization utility
xcompmgr?X.Org Compositing manager
xconsole?X.Org system console messages monitor
xcursor-themes?X.Org cursor themes
xcursorgen?X.Org X cursor file generator
xcursorgen-debuginfo?Debug info for xcursorgen
xdbedizzy?X.Org X Double Buffer Extension demo
xdelta?Computes changes between binary files.
xdelta-devel?Development files for compiling with libxdelta.
xditview?X.Org ditroff output viewer
xdpyinfoX.Org X display information utility
xedit?X.Org text editor
xemacs?A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application development system
xemacs-emacs-common?Programs in common with the emacs package
xemacs-mule-sumo?XEmacs MULE (Multi Lingual Emacs) packages
xemacs-sumo?XEmacs standard packages
xemacs-tags?etags and ctags programs and man pages from the xemacs distribution
xerces-c?A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xerces-c-devel?replaced by libxerces-c-devel package
xerces-c-doc?(doc) A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xerces-c-test?(tests) A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xevX.Org X event monitor
xextproto?X.Org Xextension headers
xeyesX.Org Eyes
xf86-video-dummy?Offscreen framebuffer video driver for Xorg X11 server
xf86-video-dummy-debuginfo?Debug info for xf86-video-dummy
xf86-video-nested?Nested video driver for Xorg X11 server
xf86-video-nested-debuginfo?Debug info for xf86-video-nested
xf86bigfontproto?X.Org XFree86-BigFont? extension headers
xfd?X.Org font character display utility
xfig?An interactive drawing tool
xfig-debuginfo?Debug info for xfig
xfig-lib?An interactive drawing tool (grahpic symbols library)
xfindproxy?X.Org proxy services locator
xfontsel?X.Org font selector
XFree86-lib-compat?Cygwin/X 4.2.0 shared libraries
xfwp?X.Org firewall proxy
xgc?X.Org graphics demo
xgraph?Plotting program, reads stdin, allows interactive zooming
xhost?X.Org server access control utility
xineramaproto?X.Org Xinerama extension headers
xinetdThe eXtended InterNET Daemon
xinitX.Org X server initializer
xinputX.Org XInput device tester
xkbcompX.Org XKB keymap compiler
xkbevd?X.Org XKB event daemon
xkbprint?X.Org XKB keyboard description printer
xkbutils?X.Org XKB utilities
xkeyboard-config?X11 keyboard configuration database
xkill?X.Org X client connection closer
xlaunch?GUI tool for configuring and starting the XWin X server
xlhtml?Convert MS 199[57] format PPT and XLS files into HTML
xload?X.Org system load display
xloadimage?Graphics file viewer under X11
xlogo?X.Org logo
xlsatoms?X.Org interned atoms lister
xlsclients?X.Org display clients lister
xlsfonts?X.Org server font lister
xlsx2csv?Convert xslx xml files to csv format
xmag?X.Org screen magnifier
xman?X.Org man page reader
xmessageX.Org message displayer
xmh?X.Org frontend to MH mail handler
XmHTML?A widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text (utilities)
XmHTML-debuginfo?Debug info for XmHTML
XmHTML-devel?A widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text (development)
xml2po?Extracts translatable strings from XML documents
xmlstarlet?XMLStarlet is a command line XML toolkit which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents using a simple set of shell commands.
xmlstarlet-debuginfo?Debug info for xmlstarlet
xmltoConverts XML to various formats
xmodmapX.Org keyboard modifier map and keymap table utility
xmon?An interactive X protocol monitor
xmore?X.Org plain text browser
xorg-cf-files?X.Org Imake config files
xorg-docs?X.Org documentation
xorg-scripts?Xorg miscellaneous scripts
xorg-server?X.Org X servers
xorg-server-common?X.Org X server common data
xorg-server-debuginfo?Debug info for xorg-server
xorg-server-devel?X.Org SDK for developing drivers and extensions for the Xorg X server
xorg-server-dmx?X.Org DMX server and clients
xorg-server-extra?X.Org Xephyr, Xfake, Xnest and Xvfb servers
xorg-sgml-doctools?X.Org SGML documentation entities
xorg-util-macros?X.Org aclocal macros
xorg-x11-base?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-bin?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-bin-dlls?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-bin-lndir?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-devel?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-etc?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-f100?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-fcyr?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-fenc?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-fnts?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-fscl?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-fsrv?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-libs-data?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-man-pages?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-man-pages-html?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-nest?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-vfb?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-xwin?Obsolete package
xorg-x11-xwin-gl?Obsolete package
xpdf?An open source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files
xpdf-debuginfo?Debug info for xpdf
xpm-nox?X11 pixmap library -- no X required (OLD runtime only)
xpr?X.Org X window dump printer
xpropX.Org X server property displayer
xproto?X.Org xproto component
xproxymanagementprotocol?X.Org Proxy Management protocol headers
xrandrX.Org XRandR command-line interface
xrdb?X.Org X server resource database utility
xrefresh?X.Org display refresher
xrx?X.Org RX document helper app and plugins
xscope?X.Org X protocol viewer
xscope-debuginfo?Debug info for xscope
xsetX.Org display preference utility
xsetmode?Xorg Xinput device mode setter
xsetroot?X.Org X root window parameter setting utility
xsm?X.Org session manager
xsri?X Set Root Image
xstdcmap?X.Org standard colormap utility
xtail?Extended tail that also works on truncated files and directories
xtermX11 terminal emulator
xterm-debuginfo?Debug info for xterm
XtoW?Native Compositing X11 Window Manager
XtoW-debuginfo?Debug info for XtoW
xtrans?X.Org XTrans common code and headers
xwd?X.Org X window dumping utility
xwininfoX.Org X window information utility
xwinwm?Window manager for experimental WindowsWM multi-window mode
xwud?X.Org X window dump displayer
xxdHexdump utility
xzXZ? and LZMA compression (utilities)
yamlYAML 1.1 parser library
yaml-debuginfo?Debug info for yaml
yasmYasm is a complete rewrite of the NASM assembler under the 'new' BSD License.
yasm-debuginfo?Debug info for yasm
yasm-devel?Yasm is a complete rewrite of the NASM assembler under the 'new' BSD License.
yelp-tools?GNOME documentation tools
yelp-xsl?Yelp XSLT stylesheets
ytree?Curses-based file manager similar to DOS Xtree(tm)
zipInfo-ZIP compression utility
zlibThe zlib compression/decompression library (doc)
zlib-devel?The zlib compression/decompression library (development)
zlib0?The zlib compression/decompression library (runtime)
zoo?Manipulate zoo archives
zshThe Z-Shell
zsync?Client-side implementation of the rsync algorithm
zziplib?ZIP file library (utilities)
_autorebase?Run rebaseall automatically
_update-info-dir?Generate info/dir file automatically